Fate Grand Order Fes 2017: 2nd Anniversary

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update 31/07/2017

7/30 news

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Table of Content

  • FGO Fes 2017 Talk Session
  • Fate/Grand Order Special
  • Talk session looking back FGO
  • FGO Latest News

New servant

Fukubukuro Summon

Arthur Pendragon(Prototype)AlteraArturia PendragonOkita SoujiNero Claudius (Bride)Miyamoto Musashi
MordredRyougi Shiki(Saber)ArjunaArturia Pendragon(Archer)IshtarOrion
GilgameshArcher of ShinjukuNikola TeslaAltriaPendragon(Lancer)EnkiduKarna
ScathachTamamo no Mae(Lancer)BrynhildrIskandarRamesses IIQuetzalcoatl
MedbFrancis DrakeCleopatraJack the RipperShuten DoujiMysterious Heroine X (Assassin)
King HassanIllyasviel von EinzbernXuanzangZhuge LiangTamamo no MaeCaster of Nightless City
MerlinLeonardo Da VinciVlad IIICu Chulainn (Alter)Sakata KintokiNightingale
Mysterious Heroine X (Alter)Hijikata ToshizouMinamoto no YorimitsuAmakusa ShirouJeanne d’ArcEdmond Dantes
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)Sessyoin KiaraMeltlilith

10 Campaigns

1. Memorial Quest

2. Special Login Streak Bonus



5. Starter Campaign


7. Login Bonus renewal




Looking back FGO since 2014-5

2017 Summer New Servants

Some pics for the new servants at the FOG Summer 2017 event were revealed at Fete Grand Order Fes 2017.


NP animation of Nobunaga (Swimsuit) was also revealed as well.


Saber Alter

Memorial Quest

During the event period, you can challenge "Memorial Quests" at Chaldea Gate to get an event exclusive heroic spirit portrait. Note that you can pick only 1 out of 47 Heroic Spirit Portraits.

Event exclusive CEs

1st Singularity
2nd Singularity
3rd Singularity
4th Singularity
5th Singularity
6th Singularity
7th Singularity
Sub Singularity I
Sub Singularity II


Commens and feedback




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Girl go back to school day want no or yes
Cons: Rin. You dare @@@ the Rin
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