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1. Importance of Class Affinity

There are seven main classes in FGO which are Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Rider, Assassin and Berserker where each of them would deal double damage against the classes that they are strong against and received half the damage from them in return. Berserkers would deal 1.5x damage to every other classes but takes double damage from each one of them. The relationship between all the classes can be seen from the image below:

Do note that there are other type of classes which are known as extra classes such as Shielder and Ruler but we are not going to cover much about them right now as there are not many of them at this point in the game. Just remember that Shielder takes neutral damage from every other classes and deals neutral damage against them too while Ruler takes half the damage from all the main classes except Berserkers.

If you have been doing daily quests you will notice that the enemies’ classes are displayed on the screen just before you enter the stage, so it is appropriate if you can set up a party that consists of the class that counters the enemies in the stage that you are going to enter. For example, in the Treasure Vault daily where you hunt for QP all the enemies are Caster class, so if you have any trouble clearing the Expert stage just bring along a strong Rider class servant.

However, there are less cases where the enemies appearing in a stage consists of only one class while majority of them is going to have enemies of multiple classes. If that’s the case what is the best way to set up our party? Now when when you pressed in the stage and about to choose your support that you want to bring for the battle, notice that the classes of enemies appearing the stage is shown on the top. However, do you know that it is actually arranged according to the toughness of the enemies in a descending order?

By looking at the image above, we can see that the Saber class icon is on the left followed by Rider and Berserker. It means that the stage that we are going to enter right now will have a Saber class final boss with Rider class sidekicks and the lower level enemies at the beginning is going to be Berserkers. Therefore, by having the information regarding the sequence that the enemies are going to appear we would have a much easier time planning our battles ahead. (Or you could just look up for the stage’s information on Wiki instead *punched*).

Classes in FGO

Shielder, Ruler, Avenger, Alter Ego, and Moon Cancer are included in the Extra page.

2. Changing Attack Targets

Have you been in the situation where you feel annoyed when your servants would continue to hit the corpse of a dead enemy instead of switching target to the next enemy? Well that’s actually not your servants’ fault as they operate solely based on how the command cards are arranged. Therefore, in order to make it less time consuming when going through the easy stages where the enemies can be killed easily, here are two effective ways to do it:

  • Split the command cards between different servants.
  • Insert the NP card in the middle when arranging cards for the same servant.

3. Organizing Friend List

When we first start out the game we would like to have as many as friends as possible so that we could have a large variety of servants to choose from as our support, right? Well, that is true but we actually would like to have smaller amount of friends when we first started playing the game and requires a strong support to carry us through the game. This is because even though you can have up to 50 friends maximum but every time when you are choosing the support that you want from your friend list, only about ten would be displayed instead of the full list. Therefore, if you managed to get a friend who has a strong high level servant such as Jeanne or Waver, you would like to keep the number of friends in your friend list well below ten so that you are able to use them every time when you want to clear a stage which is too difficult for your own servants to handle.

4. Save and Load

Now here is one of the more technical tricks that exists within the FGO game. If you managed to quit the game at the moment when the enemies just finished their attacks and before your own turn starts, you can actually reset the turn to the point before the enemies attack. This is a very useful technique to know as it can be used in various situation such as forget to use your buffs first before attacking or assigning your command cards in the wrong order. However, do note that if you have already applied your buffs before attacking they cannot be reset using this method.

5. Feeding EXP Cards

For those who had played other mobile games such as Tower of Saviours or Puzzles and Dragons before, they also have the same system where bonus experiences will be awarded up to 1.5x or 2x when you feed your cards with those that have the same attributes as theirs. If you are one of those players who have this kind of OCD you gonna find your storage piled up with EXP cards for the servant classes that you didn’t manage to draw into. To ease your frustration, in FGO you would only get an extra 1.2x experience when you feed them to the same class, which is the reason why All Class EXP cards aren’t that worthy at all as it only equals to additional one card for every five cards feed. Therefore, don’t worry too much about the classes and just feed them to whoever that you plan to level.


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