Maid in Halloween

FGO Maid in Halloween, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
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update 13/10/2017

Is Maid in Halloween good?

Maid in Halloween

Maid in Halloween is a limited craft essence and only available in The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle Pickup Summon.


Rating: 7.0 /10

A highly valuable CE for Taunt-based Servants, this CE allows them to gain more healing from supporting allies. At 75% effect when LB’d, it almost doubles the healing effectiveness.




Maid in Halloween

NormalIncrease your HP Recovery amount by 60%
Max LimitIncrease your HP Recovery amount by 75%

Event limited effect

For the duration of "FGO Halloween: The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle - Mad Party (JP: 2015, US: 2017)" event, this craft essence gains additional effects. Check the event page for it.

How to use


Maid in Halloween should be used on Servants possessing 3-turn Taunt skills, in compositions capable of sustained healing. This CE is preferred over defense up CEs for Servants with hard defensive skills.

Best Servants

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the obvious tama cat didn't make the cut for equip? +3k hp on her, plus her NP heals her for insane amounts at higher overcharges. (8700+ hp per turn for 3 turns with max overcharge? on a berserker!) throw in a support like tamamo-no-mae or medea to heal her on the fly and keep her raging with her defense skills even without the NP...
<< Anonymous(Ravenleaf)
xSauriaNx Reply
Tbh, this CE is best effective CE for Spartacus.
Check his skills and see what happens when you use this CE on him... xD
<< Anonymous(xSauriaNx)
Ravenleaf Reply
Another good example, my point of cat though is shes literally on the CE, it was made for her and somehow she didn't make the recommended list, sparticus is another great example.
<< Anonymous(Ravenleaf)
Anonymous Reply
This CE is most effective on servants with powerful self-heal ability like Enkidu or anyone tanky with multiple heal abilities like Marie, Spartacus, Medb.

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