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Why choose a quick team?

Is Quick good?

So you want to build a quick team. Maybe Okita is your waifu or you want some of that Scathach action. Well I’m sorry, but quick isn’t really that great in the meta.What’s this? You think Waifu>Meta? You’ve come to the right place then.

The quick card is the weakest command card in the deck, featuring an 80% damage multiplier as compared to Arts’ 100% and Buster’s 150%. However, Quick cards provide higher star gen and usually feature a higher hit count than other cards, meaning that they are also usually good at generating NP gen. When 3 quick cards are chosen in a row, it also activates a quick chain, giving the team an extra 10 crit stars to utilize the next turn. This ensures more consistent critting on the following turns. So everything’s great right? Just keep spamming, quick chains, get crit stars, and then keep critting. Not quite. Remember that Quick cards have the lowest damage output in terms of basic command cards, meaning that even if you crit, you’ll still be losing out in terms of damage to a buster team. This leads us to what makes a good quick/crit team.

How to build a quick team

There are 3 basic needs that should be fulfilled within a quick team.

1. The star gen

This position is usually given to units like Jack, who creates crit stars like there’s no tomorrow. They can quick chain on their own, allowing free bonus crit stars or just have a high hit count on all their cards, allowing them to create a good amount of crit stars. They are the core of the team, allowing other members to crit while staying alive and dealing damage when possible.

2. The support

While Quick doesn’t strictly have a support, there are plenty of ways to support a quick team. Directing stars to a specific servant you want to crit with, buffing stargen, keeping the team alive or having a passive stargen etc. The support eases the strain on the team, covering whatever is lacking in a team and making sure that even if things go south, you’ll still be able to run relatively smoothly. Servants like MHXA, Ishtar rider and so on can fill in this role, providing damage and quick buffs to the team while also producing a decent amount of stars on their own. Some quick supports also carry instinct-like skills, allowing you to get some crit stars on demand just in case there’s a lull in the number of crit stars.

3. The critter

Here we come to a compromise. To have a more effective squad, you’re going to need a servant with a respectable amount of buster cards and high crit damage. Servants like Jeanne D’arc alter and Ozymandias come to mind. The two of them are a great example, having a total of 3 buster cards in their deck when you include their noble phantasms, allowing them to buster chain by themselves. Ozymandias has a naturally high star weight due to his rider class while Jalter has Self Modification EX to attract stars and increase her critical damage on top of that. The two of them are the quintessential definition of Crit busters. But let’s say you’re insistent on having a pure quick squad. In that case, you’ll have to run with scathach. She has a star weight and crit damage buff as well as a quick buff to anyone in her team and her deck has 3 quick cards and 2 buster cards if you include her NP. Do take note however that her NP and stargen are not as strong as most servants with that deck type will have.

So now that you’ve got all this, what servants can fit these roles, and who can synergize well?

Sample team/servants


MHXA here serves as the support and pseudo stargen. With her 3rd skill she can direct stars to any member of the team she wants to while boosting attack, and with her second, provide stars when required. Her quick up buff also allows her quick cards to deal more damage, leading to more stars generated. She has a quick focus deck, allowing her to support with stargen as well.

Yorimitsu (Lancer)

Minamoto here serves as the crit buster, having a nice star weight, while also having a skill that further increases that star weight and crit damage. Her second skill buffs her buster cards allowing for more damage during buster chains. Her last skill provides a flat attack buff to the entire team while also giving the team members higher stargen for 3 turns. This makes consistent critting on her easy. Her NP also gives 20 stars on overcharge, gifting the team ample stars to crit with again.

Ishtar (Rider)

Ishtar is a quick focus servant, having 3 quick cards when you include her NP. While her stargen isn’t exactly the best, it is more than adequate as her main draw is her first skill, supporting her offensive teammates who make use of Buster and Quick cards to deal damage to others. She also provides a boost to NP gen, helping her teammates NP more often. In terms of damage she doesn’t slouch, especially if you have her at NP5. Her rider class’ star weight may get in the way of 100% crits on your main damage dealer, but this can be solved with CEs and MHXA’s skill.

Jack the ripper

Jack is the go to stargenner, making critting look easy. A full quick chain of hers can give you 60 stars easy, ensuring that all your cards will crit the next turn. Give her something like 2030 or Be elegant and stars will be the least of your worries. Her star weight as an assassin isn’t particularly high either, making sure she won’t be a problem within your team.


Mysterious Heroine X is another potential stargenner, though nowhere near as good as Jack, she can push out some nice star numbers. She also has a deck filled with quick cards, making sure that quick chaining is easy. Her 2nd skill gives her a large flux of stars as well, making it easy to obtain stars in an emergency situation.


Mash is here mostly because… 0 cost? But even then, her support abilities are second to none, though not necessarily in terms of quick and crit strategies. She can protect your teammates and redirect attacks, overall, a last resort to make sure your team keeps going.

Recommended craft essences

Of course there are many more CEs which you can utilize, and some more weird combinations, but those are left to your own discretion to use. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Dangerous Beast
Dangerous Beast
Dangerous beast provides stars per turn and quick up. No explanation needed.
Castle of the Sun
Castle of the Sun
Castle of the Sun provides both crit damage and critical star generation buffs. On top of that, a boost to the NP gauge at the start of the battle. Perfect for crit busters with low NP gen.
Talk on the Heated Sands
Talk on the Heated Sands
This CE is the premiere crit CE, featuring increased star weight, ensuring that crit stars go where intended and that the crits hit hard.
Piece of Year 2030
Piece of Year 2030
One of the best CEs in the game, giving 8 crit stars per turn. Critting on enemies is not an issue when this CE is equipped.
Be Elegant
Be Elegant
Be elegant is an easily obtainable CE which helps with your team star generation in case a servant is lacking in that area or if you just want to boost your overall stargen performance.

How to utilize this team like a champ

So you’re raring to go field your team like a boss and wreck enemies. Not so fast champ. You need to be careful of which cards you use, what chains you make, what skills to use, when to use them and so on. We’ll use the sample team from beforehand to show you some examples.

Example 1

I used Minamoto’s 3rd skill here to make use of the bonus stargen effect. This is because using it for a full quick chain on Jack would be completely useless. I intended on using a QBQ chain with Minamoto’s QB in front and Jack’s Q at the end for maximum stargen.

Example 2

Here I wanted to use Minamoto’s NPBB chain, dealing massive damage to the enemy. Losing stars to Ishtar due to her high star weight is a potential risk, being in the rider class. Using Minamoto’s first skill gets rid of that problem while also making her crit damage higher, not that she needs it. I activated her 2nd skill to get the most out of her buster chain as well as Ishtar’s first skill to further boost her numbers.

Example 3

And here we have a prime example of how to destroy enemies. With her Buster chain and all the buffs on her, one shotting this poor dude isn’t too hard. If he makes it through the NP, he’s most definitely not making it through 100% CRITS. This is the ideal situation to be in when pushing out damage to enemies. Having a buster chain as well as the highest crit chance as possible ensures you wreck any enemy in your path.

So… What now?

That’s pretty much it. Mix and match servants as you wish, and if you follow the general advice given on this guide, things shouldn’t go too wrong. There will be many various other methods of boosting your team’s performance. Maybe you want to make use of that Saber alter summer that you picked up during summer 2017 or you want to make use of our resident dragon killer Sasaki Kojirou. In the end, it’s all up to personal preference.

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