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Fate Grand Order Rashoumon event, how to beat Ibaraki Douji, rewards, and summon banner.
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update 27/04/2018

Event General Information

Event shopWandering Tales of ShanaouHeart of the Foreign GodBloodstone TearOctuplet CrystalsSerpent JewelVoid's DustDragon FangRider PieceAssassin PieceBerserker PieceRider MonumentAssassin MonumentBerserker Monument
Event CE (ATK +)Wandering Tales of ShanaouGolden Catches a Carp
Event CE
(Drop +)
Fox's Night DreamBurning Love StorySubscription List Reading

This event is has two types of Quests. The first one is the normal Main Quest, which can only be cleared once. The second one is the free Raid Quest, which can be played as many times as the player wanted. The Raid Quest is the main meat of the event, pitting the player against Ibaraki Douji and her massive HP pool, in which damages dealt to her are accumulated with other players around the world dealing damage to her.

Below is the schedule of the raid quests based on the JP version.

Raid Quest Schedule

DaySchedule (JST)
Day 1April 30th - June 2nd 2016
Day 2June 2nd - 4th 2016
Day 3June 4th - 6th 2016
Day 4June 6th - 7th 2016
Day 5June 7th - 8th 2016
Day 6June 8th - 9th 2016
Day 7June 9th - 15th 2016

Event Servants

These Servants will feature within the event.

Sakata Kintoki
Sakata Kintoki
NoGuest Servant during Main Quests
Shuten Douji
Shuten Douji
YesFinal boss of the Main Quest.
Ibaraki Douji
Ibaraki Douji
NoBoss of the Raid Quests.

Event Items

There are four items exclusive to this event.

ItemUsed forHow to get
Demon Gourd
Demon Gourd
Buy Items from the Event ShopDropped by enemies in Main Quest or Raid Quest
Damage Points
Damage Points
Obtain Damage Point-accumulation rewardDeal damage to Ibaraki Douji in Raid Quests
Power Rice Balls
Power Rice Balls
Restores 1 BPClear Daily Missions
Golden Rice Balls
Golden Rice Balls
Restores 6 BPClear Daily Missions

Raid Quest Guide

Uniquely in this event, there are special concepts introduced in this event.

BP (Battle Points)

In order to participate in Raid Quests, you have to use a new meter called Battle Points (BP). It is quite similar with AP in a way that it regenerates over time. A player regenerates BP automatically every 1 hour (60 minutes) and can only have at most 6 BP. You can manually regenerate your BP using Power Rice Balls (Power Rice Balls) (1 BP) or Golden Rice Balls (Golden Rice Balls) (6 BP).

Damage Points

Damages you deal towards Ibaraki's main body will be converted into Damage Points (Damage Points). When you accumulated a certain number of damages, you will receive rewards, in a similar manner with GUDAGUDA Honnoji or Saber Wars rewards system.

Fighting Ibaraki Douji

You will encounter Ibaraki Douji throughout the quests. Ibaraki Douji has two life bars, the green one is her normal life-bar, if it runs out, she's taken out from the battle. The red one is a long bar that has around millions of HP that it might seem impossible to deplete the bar.

However, if you re-enter the fight with Ibaraki Douji, the red HP is not refreshed. Additionally, the server will take account the damages from players across the world fighting Ibaraki to eventually deplete her Red HP. Think of it like a Raid boss in an MMORPG: Very massive HP, impossible to defeat alone, so you have to rely on other players playing the game to defeat the boss.

The goal isn't exactly to defeat Ibaraki, but to deal as much damage as possible. Each battle only lasts for 15 turns, and it doesn't matter if you win or lose or run out of time, you still gain Damage Points as long as you do not choose the Withdraw option.

Quest Progression

The quest progresses rather uniquely compared to other Events. When a Day begins after you finished the Prologue main quest, there will be three phases of battle with Ibaraki Douji. In any of these phases, you may find enemies that drop the Event Item Demon Gourd (Demon Gourd)

Repulsion Battle

This is a normal Raid quest whereas your goal is to deplete Ibaraki Douji's massive Red HP with the help of players across the world. Once her HP is depleted, you will unlock the next phase of the day.

If Ibaraki is not defeated when the Day deadline is reached, this battle will become unavailable.

Pursuing Battle

This is a Main Quest battle that is only unlocked after the completion of Repulsion Battle. It's basically a Main Quest style battle that appear just once and moves the story. At least you get the help of Guest Servant Sakata Kintoki.

Clearing this battle unlocks the next phase.

Continuous Battle

Continuous Battle is similar to Pursuing Battle, except without Story cutscenes. The purpose of this battle is to accumulate either Damage Points or defeating enemies that may drop Demon Gourd until the next Day approaches. You can still bring the Guest Kintoki with you.

You will be rewarded a Saint Quartz for the first time clearing this phase.

How to farm Demon Gourd & DP

To clear the Event Shop, you are going to need a total of 1,400 Demon Gourd. The amount of Damage Points you need to accumulate to get all DP rewards are 100,000,000 DP

The perks of higher difficulty level (or more BP spent) are higher drop rates for Demon Gourd and more green HP of Ibaraki Douji so you can accumulate more Damage Points.


You need to take out Ibaraki's Demon Hands first in order to take Gourd drops, since the battle will be over if you take out Ibaraki's main body. For this, you may want to bring AOE-based Servants.

The Event Craft Essences below may help you in both Demon Gourd drop and Damage Point accumulation, so equip them in your party. Have your main damage dealers equip the ones for Damage Point accumulation and your support-based Servants take the Demon Gourd drop accumulation.

Event Craft Essences

Attack Boost Craft Essence

Craft EssenceBonus
Wandering Tales of Shanaou
Wandering Tales of Shanaou
+200% ATK(LB: +300% atk)
Golden Catches a Carp
Golden Catches a Carp
+50% team ATK(LB: +100% team ATK)

Pick Up Craft Essence

Craft EssenceBonus
Fox's Night Dream
Fox's Night Dream
+3 demon gourd drop(LB: +4)
Burning Love Story
Burning Love Story
+2 demon gourd drop(LB: +3)
Subscription List Reading
Subscription List Reading
+1 demon gourd drop(LB: +2)

Rashoumon Pickup Summon

Period (NA)May 16 - 30 2018
 Shuten Douji
 HP:12,825 ATK:8,23711,993 Card:QQAAB/A(NP)
[NP] Deal damage to all enemies & Decrease Attack, Defense, Debuff Resist, NP Strength, Critical Rate by 10% for all enemies (3 turns) & Inflict Skill Seal to all enemies (1 turn) [Overcharge] Inflict Poison (5 turns) to all enemies
[S1] 60% Chance to inflict Charm to all enemies (1 turn) & Decrease Defense for all enemies (3 turns)
[S2] Increase Attck for all allies (3 turn) & Increase your NP strength (3 turn)
[S3] Apply Guts for yourself (5 turns)

Sakata Kintoki Pickup Summon

Period (NA)May 10 - 23 2018
Pickup Servants
Sakata Kintoki
Sakata Kintoki
 Sakata Kintoki
 HP:12,150 ATK:12,712 Card:QABBB/B(NP)
[NP] Deal significant DEF-ignoring damage to a single enemy [Overcharge] Chance to stun the target
[S1] Greatly increases your ATK (1 turn)
[S2] Increase your NP Gauge
[S3] Increase Attack Debuff Resist & Greatly restore HP for yourself

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"The goal isn't exactly to defeat Ibaraki, but to deal as much damage as possible. Each battle only lasts for 15 turns, and it doesn't matter if you win or lose or run out of time, you still gain Damage Points as long as you do not choose the Withdraw option."

This is misleading. While your points will be added to the grand total, you personally get no credit if you are defeated. (The event announcement in game specifically says that)
there is error - shuten atack - 8,23711,993

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