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Caster of the Nightless castle or CON as we’ll call her is far from perfect. Boasting base stats of an incredibly weak attack stat, hitting around 9000 Attack, she tries to make up for it by having an HP stat of almost 16000. While it is true that caster servants shouldn’t care too much about their attack stat anyways due to their 0.9x class multiplier, it still hurts her damage output. This is made slightly better by her passive skill territory creation which provides her a 12% boost to her arts cards.

CON’s generation stats are ok, with a decent NP gain on her arts cards, which are boosted by her passive skill territory creation. However, having a deck that contains 3 Arts cards definitely helps her generate decent levels of NP. Her stargen is decent as well, pulling around 20 stars on an ABQ chain, which is around the average for her class.

Her skillset is slightly muddled, as if she could not decide if she was going to be tanky or offensive, landing somewhere in the middle, and not in a good way. Though if one were to hazard a guess as to her role, that role would be of a disabler on a stall team. Scheherazade's skills are not hard stall skills and honestly that's the most painful part, but what she does offer allows her to scrape by 1 more turn so she can race her enemies to her NP. With the addition to her third skill through her 2nd interlude, Scheherazade now has a more varied support role by providing a team wide guts effect.


  • Strong in very specific situations and only when spamming her NP
  • Decent gen stats for her class
  • Decently spammable NP along with survivability in kit


  • Pitiful attack stat for a servant with an offensive NP
  • She needs support in terms of NP generation
  • All her skills are mostly selfish

Strategies & Tips

CON will enjoy being paired with a team of servants who have an Arts focused decks. These will help CON generate more NP so as to keep spamming her NP against enemies. She will also enjoy any teammates who can further boost her attack or defense stats,ensuring that she stays alive and that she pushes out more damage to enemies. Her first skill should be used to stall for turns or as an Arts buff, allowing her to gen more NP or do more damage on her NP. Her second skill should mainly be used for stalling purposes, allowing her to charm male targets on top of giving herself a very strong defense buff, allowing for a more defensive stance against enemies. Her last skill should be used to protect herself from being killed. This can also be used to drop the attack of any enemies with the king trait. While it sounds pretty niche, there are a large number of servants with this trait and can be applied more often than most think.

Noble Phantasm

Alfu Laylatin wa-Laylah is an AOE Arts attack which deals extra damage to all enemies with the King trait. This skill does great amounts of damage to a specific group of enemies, allowing her to go on the offensive in spite of her low attack stat. However, against enemies who do not have this trait, this does close to no damage, barely even being able to hit 30000 damage.

Best Servants to Work with

Tamamo no Mae
Tamamo no Mae
Tamamo is an excellent caster to be paired with CON. She helps cover for CON’s weakness, her NP allowing her to reduce cooldowns on CON’s skills, allowing her to use her skills more often than normal. Tamamo’s art buffs also increases CON’s damage and her NP gen which helps with her main concerns.
Gilgamesh (Caster)
Gilgamesh (Caster)
Gil is a good choice, fielding with a large amount of arts cards in his deck. This allows him to Arts chain together fairly easily. He also provides an Arts buff to the team as well as a flat attack buff, allowing for the damage output on the team to be increased.
Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Liang
Waver can fill up CON’s NP gauge easily, making it easier for her to NP much faster and easier than ever, on top of having an Arts focused deck. He also has a flat attack buff, making her damage output rise marginally.

Best CEs

Cute Orangette
Cute Orangette
Cute orangette is a fantastic CE for CON, allowing her to improve her not so fantastic NP gen while also boosting her NP damage which is her main source of damage output. This allows her to spam her NP easily so as to deal damage to her opponents.
Formal Craft
Formal Craft
Formalcraft gives CON a flat boost to her biggest source of damage, Arts cards. This allows her to deal more damage to her enemies through her most common card type on top of allowing her to push out higher numbers on top of having higher numbers in terms of NP generation.
The Black Grail
The Black Grail
Black grail boosts her NP damage at the cost of some HP every turn. This works in CON’s favour due to her large HP base stat. This means that the CE will not majorly affect her survivability while also allowing her to increase the numbers delivered by her main source of damage.

Max Bond Level CE

King Shahryar's Bed Chamber
King Shahryar's Bed Chamber
When equipped on Scheherazade, Self Debuff Resistance +100%



Hidden Stats

NP Charge (ATK)0.51%
NP Charge (DEF)3%
Star Weight52
Star Rate10.8%
Death Resist48%
AlignmentLawful, Neutral
TraitsFemale, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish

Noble Phantasm

Alf Layla wa-Laylah (Rank EX)

Increase your NP Strength by 20% (1 turn)
Deal damage to all enemies
[Overcharge] Deal Special Attack damage to all [King] enemies

LvlDamage +ChargeExtra DMG +

Alf Layla wa-Laylah (Rank 'EX')

Increase your NP Strength by 20% (1 turn)
Deal damage to all enemies
Reduces enemy Debuff Resistance by 50% for one time for 3 turns
[Overcharge] Deal Special Attack damage to all [King] enemies

LvlDamage +ChargeExtra DMG +


Upgrade Priority

Priority: 1 > 2 > 3

  • Storyteller EX

    This is CON’s main source of damage, allowing her to have a large boost to her Arts cards. This strengthens 4/6 cards in her deck which is an amazing buff to her damage as a whole. This skill should be levelled first.
  • Survival of the bedroom A+

    This is CON’s main survivability skill, boosting her defence skyhigh, allowing her to stay on the field much longer than she can without it. It also has a built in charm which while it is not very effective in most situations, it can be helpful in certain situations. This skill should be levelled second.
  • Counter hero A

    Counter hero is a buff that gives CON a typical guts skill, allowing her to survive any killing blows while also dropping the attack power of any enemies with the King trait. While it may not apply to all enemies, it is helpful in a pinch. This skill should be levelled last.

Storyteller EX

Storyteller EX

Available from the start
High chance to reduce NP Gauge for a single enemy
Increase your Arts Card effectiveness (1 turn)

LvlDrain ChanceArts +Cooldown

Bedchambers of Survival A+

Bedchambers of Survival A+

Unlocks after 1st Ascension
Low chance to inflict Charm to all Male enemies (1 turn)
Increase your DEF (2 turns)

LvlCharm ChanceDefense +Cooldown

Counter-Hero A

Counter-Hero A

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension
Apply Guts for yourself (5 turns)
Reduce the ATK for a single enemy with King trait (1 turn)

LvlRevives withAttack -Cooldown
11000 HP30%8
21200 HP32%8
31400 HP34%8
41600 HP36%8
51800 HP38%8
62000 HP40%7
72200 HP42%7
82400 HP44%7
92600 HP46%7
103000 HP50%6

Counter Hero (Speech) EX

Counter-Hero A

Unlocks after 2nd Interlude
Apply Guts for yourself (5 turns) and other party members (2 turns; 500HP)
Reduce the ATK for a single enemy with King trait (1 turn)

LvlRevives withAttack -Cooldown
11000 HP30%8
21200 HP32%8
31400 HP34%8
41600 HP36%8
51800 HP38%8
62000 HP40%7
72200 HP42%7
82400 HP44%7
92600 HP46%7
103000 HP50%6

Class Skills

Territory Creation A++Territory Creation A++
Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 11.5%

Command Cards


CON has a nice arts focused deck, allowing her to be able to chain consistently. This keeps her NP gauge topped up often to NP. Her hitcounts are average for her class, giving her decent NP gen and crit stars.

Bond Level

LvlExp RequiredTotal Exp

Skill Enhancement Materials

LvlQP CostMaterials
1 → 2200,000Shining Gem of Spellsx5 (Shining Gem of Spells)
2 → 3400,000Shining Gem of Spellsx12 (Shining Gem of Spells)
3 → 41,200,000Magic Gem of Spellsx5 (Magic Gem of Spells)
4 → 51,600,000Magic Gem of Spellsx12 (Magic Gem of Spells)
Snake Jewelx4 (Snake Jewel)
5 → 64,000,000Secret Gem of Spellsx5 (Secret Gem of Spells)
Snake Jewelx8 (Snake Jewel)
6 → 75,000,000Secret Gem of Spellsx12 (Secret Gem of Spells)
Phoenix Plumex4 (Phoenix Plume)
7 → 810,000,000Phoenix Plumex8 (Phoenix Plume)
Seashell of Reminiscencex6 (Seashell of Reminiscence)
8 → 912,000,000Seashell of Reminiscencex18 (Seashell of Reminiscence)
Scarab of Wisdomx10 (Scarab of Wisdom)
9 → 1020,000,000Crystallized Lore​x1 (Crystallized Lore​)

Ascension Materials

AscensionQP CostMaterials
1st100,000Caster Piecex5 (Caster Piece)
2nd300,000Caster Piecex12 (Caster Piece)
Phoenix Plumex6 (Phoenix Plume)
3rd1,000,000Caster Monumentx5 (Caster Monument)
Snake Jewelx8 (Snake Jewel)
Lamp of Demon Sealingx3 (Lamp of Demon Sealing)
4th3,000,000Caster Monumentx12 (Caster Monument)
Lamp of Demon Sealingx6 (Lamp of Demon Sealing)
Bizarre Godly Winex5 (Bizarre Godly Wine)

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