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EMIYA (Alter)


Emiya Alter is not particularly bad. As an Arts damager, he is able to deal a good amount of damage, take on hits for a decent amount, and he also offers some utility against gimmicks. However, he’s also not particularly amazing. His ability to deal damage is rather limited with his weak Extra Attack, and his tankiness has some pros and cons to consider in their usage. His utility on his NP’s ability to drain an enemy’s NP gauge also relies on a less-than-favorable amount of chance, which means it’s not as reliable as can be.

One would aptly describe Emiya Alter as someone who tries offer an amount of features, but suffers from drawbacks in all of them.

However, he certainly isn’t bad, and he’s definitely leaning more on good than mediocre. He’s also unique, and rather useful for hard fights.


  • Decent NP damage with a degree of spammability
  • 50% DEF up can make him rather tanky
  • 40% ATK up can let him hit for good amounts of damage on his chains
  • NP gauge drain on his NP can counter gimmicky fights


  • His ATK up lasts for only 3 hits
  • His DEF up lasts for only 3 hits
  • His NP’s drain relies on a 60% chance to hit
  • No hard survival function

Strategies & Tips

As an Arts damager, Emiya is able to deal a good amount of damage and charge it at a good pace. He’s able to utilize his hitcounts to generate a good amount of stars for himself, and use them to deal damage or charge his gauge through crits.

He’s able to hit and charge rather well, and with his 40% ATK up, he can churn out quite the numbers on his crits when they multiply with his Projection skill.

He’s also able to take on a good amount of hits with his 50% DEF up. A 50% increase in defense would practically halve an opponent’s damage towards him, after all.

However, there are some issues with Emiya’s performance, which come from the nature of his ATK and DEF up skill. Despite all this, his overall offense isn’t amazing, as his Projection skill scales for up til only 30%, and his ATK up lasts for only 3 hits. His survival can also be rather limited, as his DEF up lasts for only 3 hits, and he lacks a hard survival skill.

The nature of his two skills can leave him more susceptible to bad RNG, and reliant on luck. We will cover this later on the skills section below, but to put it shortly, his skills have a good amount of risk and return attached to them.
That said, Emiya isn’t a bad Servant at all, and he’s rather unique and fun to use as a damager. He offers some interesting abilities to the table, which depending on the fight, can be either a lifesaver or a disaster for the player.

Noble Phantasm

Emiya’s NP deals good damage when buffed by his own skills. It’s not a powerful nuke, but hits for good numbers, along with some useful properties. It is able to pierce defense, which is useful against gimmicky fights that have enemies constantly using DEF ups, and it has a chance to drain the enemy’s NP gauge. Unfortunately, the drain has only a 60% chance to hit, which can leave the player wanting for more reliability. His NP does however, hit 10 times, which can refund his NP gauge decently when buffed with his Projection skill.

Best Servants to Work with

Hans Christian Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen
Hans provides Arts cards with his deck, which grants Emiya more chances to charge his NP through Arts chains or first-card bonuses. He can also provide an ATK and DEF up for Emiya, which can stack with his own skills for good effect. His 3rd skill also provides the team with stars passively, which Emiya can use to crit with.
Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Liang
Waver is able to boost Emiya’s damage with his high scaling ATK up and DEF debuff, and is able to improve Emiya’s chances of regaining NP through Arts chains, first-card bonuses, or by directly charging his NP gauge.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart is able to buff Emiya’s Arts damage for a turn, and with his 3rd skill upgrade, produce 50 stars instantly. This can easily let Emiya use the stars to recharge his NP instantly with his crits.
Mash Kyrielight
Mash Kyrielight
With Shielder’s ability to stack defense buffs, it allows Emiya’s own buff to act as a hard defensive skill. She is also able to improve the team’s overall damage and survivability through the rest of her kit, making them a good pair.
Tamamo no Mae
Tamamo no Mae
Tamamo is able to buff Emiya’s Arts, which allows him to charge even faster and rely less on his Projection for damage. She’s also able to charge his NP gauge directly, and reduce his cooldowns, which can let him make use of his DEF and ATK buffs better to some degree.
Gilgamesh (Caster)
Gilgamesh (Caster)
Gilgamesh is able to boost Emiya’s Arts and ATK, which allows him to hit for more damage. He is also able to buff his stargen up by 100%, which with Emiya’s hitcounts, can generate a good amount of stars for the party or himself to use. His Arts up also increases debuff rate, which can improve Emiya’s NP’s chance to drain.

Best CEs

Heaven's Feel
Heaven's Feel
Angel's Song
Angel's Song
The Black Grail
The Black Grail
Purely Bloom
Purely Bloom
Increase in NP Damage
Heaven’s Feel(Best), Angel’s Poem, Black Holy Grail, Purely Bloom
As Emiya’s best method of dealing damage is his NP, such a CE would improve his damage considerably.
Formal Craft
Formal Craft
Faithful Dogs Can't Wait Anymore
Faithful Dogs Can't Wait Anymore

Kaleido Sapphire
Kaleido Sapphire
Increase in Arts Performance
Formalcraft(Best), Projection Magecraft, Faithful Dogs Can’t Wait Anymore, Kaleido Sapphire
Increasing his Arts performance would not improve Emiya’s NP damage as much as an NP damage up would, but it would improve his NP gain on his cards. This would allow him to rely less on his Projection’s cooldown.
Fox's Night Dream
Fox's Night Dream
Divine Banquet
Divine Banquet
Halloween Petit Devil
Halloween Petit Devil

Faithful Dogs Can't Wait Anymore
Faithful Dogs Can't Wait Anymore
Increase in NP Gain
Divine Banquet(Best), Fox’s Night Dream, Halloween Petit Devil, Faithful Dogs can’t Wait Anymore
In the occurrence that Emiya is put in a team that provides him Arts buffs, an NP gain CE might be a good option for him, as it multiplies with the Arts buffs, boosting his NP gain even further.
Art of Death
Art of Death
Burning Love Story
Burning Love Story
Origin Bullet
Origin Bullet
Fondant au Chocolat
Fondant au Chocolat
Art of Death(Best), Burning Love Story, Origin Bullet, Fondant Au Chocolat
As he already owns both a card buff and an ATK buff, such a CE would improve his overall damage against certain enemies, increasing his DPT.

Max Bond Level CE

work in progress



Hidden Stats

NP Charge (ATK)0.43%
NP Charge (DEF)3%
Star Weight145
Star Rate7.9%
Death Resist31.5%
AlignmentChaotic Evil
TraitsServant, Weak to Enuma Elish, Humanoid, Male

Noble Phantasm

Unlimited Lost Works (Rank E~A)

Deal DEF-Ignoring damage to a single enemy
[Overcharge] Decrease NP Gauge for the target

LvlDamage +ChargeDrain chance


Upgrade Priority

Bulletproof Reinforcement A / Cooldown: 7-5
Increases own DEF (3 times) (5 turns)
Decrease damage received (3 times)

While the scaling of this skill is incredible, it can be rather gimmicky to use. A DEF buff that lasts for only 3 hits would be an amazing asset for most fights, if not for the 5 turn cooldown. The 5 turn limit sadly restricts the potential for this skill, as it means that one could lose your DEF up as quickly as the 2nd turn comes in. In the occurrence that Emiya gets focus-fired for a turn or for 2 turns, one would lose his DEF buff immediately, making him well, defenseless.
However, there’s also the consideration that it can last for up to the 5th turn, which means that unlike most 3-turn DEF buffs, in the occurrence that Emiya isn’t focus-fired, you could go well into the 5th turn with some insurance that he can take a hit or two more. This makes it as if Emiya has a 5 turn DEF buff. Even more, this allows him to do DEF buff stackings with other Servants such as Mash, in which case the skill acts as a hard defensive skill.

All in all, it’s a very interesting skill to play with, and it’s gimmicky nature can prove to be both very useful or unfavorable, depending on the situation.

Projection C / Cooldown: 7-5
Increase in Arts Performance (1 turn)
Increase in Quick Performance (1 turn)
Increase in Buster Performance (1 turn)

A boost in card performance is always welcome, and projection is a very good skill to have for Emiya’s damage. It allows him to deal good amounts of damage regardless of the chain, as it lets him choose any card to deal damage with. Other than that, it also boosts his Quick and Arts cards’ NP gain, which improves his potential to recharge his NP quickly.

Mocked Conviction A / Cooldown: 7-5
Increase ATK (3 times) (5 turns)

Unlike Emiya’s DEF up, his ATK up is rather iffy to use. One would usually use an ATK up for an NP brave chain, for maximum damage. This means that his ATK up is practically equivalent to a 1 turn ATK up. But the problem with that is, it becomes sub-par as an ATK up skill. It doesn’t scale as well as Monstrous Strength A does, which also lasts for a turn, and in a brave chain it wouldn’t affect his Extra card, since the effect would wear off after his 3rd card. In Brave Chains, Extra Cards receive a bonus in damage, and such it is a waste to have it without an ATK buff.

Skill Priority: 2/1/3

Bulletproofing Reinforcement A

Bulletproofing Reinforcement A

Available from the start
Increase your DEF (3 times, 5 tunrs)
Receive less damage (3 hits)

LvlDefense +Damage -Cooldown

Projection Magecraft (Skill) C

Projection Magecraft (Skill) C

Unlocks after 1st Ascension
Increase your Arts/Quick/Buster Card effectiveness (1 turn)

LvlArts +Quick +Buster +Cooldown

Ridiculed Fortitude A

Ridiculed Fortitude A

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension
Increase your ATK (3 times, 5 turns)

LvlAttack +Cooldown

Class Skills

Magic Resistance DMagic Resistance D
Increase your Debuff Resist by 12.5%
Independent Action AIndependent Action A
Increase your Critical Strength by 10%.

Command Cards


With a QQAAB deck, Emiya is able to generate a good amount of stars and generate NP with his hitcounts. His cards all hit for the same amount, which means that even his Buster can generate a decent amount of stars. As someone who depends mostly on his NP to deal damage, this deck is perfect for Emiya.

Bond Level

LvlExp RequiredTotal Exp

Skill Enhancement Materials

LvlQP CostMaterials
1 → 2100,000Shining Gem of Bowsx4 (Shining Gem of Bows)
2 → 3200,000Shining Gem of Bowsx10 (Shining Gem of Bows)
3 → 4600,000Magic Gem of Bowsx4 (Magic Gem of Bows)
4 → 5800,000Magic Gem of Bowsx10 (Magic Gem of Bows)
Infinity Gearx4 (Infinity Gear)
5 → 62,000,000Secret Gem of Bowsx4 (Secret Gem of Bows)
Infinity Gearx8 (Infinity Gear)
6 → 72,500,000Secret Gem of Bowsx10 (Secret Gem of Bows)
Chains of the Foolx12 (Chains of the Fool)
7 → 85,000,000Chains of the Foolx24 (Chains of the Fool)
Cursed Beast Cholecystx2 (Cursed Beast Cholecyst)
8 → 96,000,000Cursed Beast Cholecystx6 (Cursed Beast Cholecyst)
Seashell of Reminiscencex20 (Seashell of Reminiscence)
9 → 1010,000,000Crystallized Lore​x1 (Crystallized Lore​)

Ascension Materials

AscensionQP CostMaterials
1st50,000Archer Piecex4 (Archer Piece)
2nd150,000Archer Piecex10 (Archer Piece)
Chains of the Foolx18 (Chains of the Fool)
3rd500,000Archer Monumentx4 (Archer Monument)
Infinity Gearx8 (Infinity Gear)
Black Tallowx3 (Black Tallow)
4th1,500,000Archer Monumentx10 (Archer Monument)
Black Tallowx5 (Black Tallow)
Magical Cerebrospinal Fluidx30 (Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid)

12M Downloads Campaign (JP)

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