Black Holy Grail (The Black Grail)

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update 31/08/2017

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Black Holy Grail
Rating8.0 / 10

Suitable CE choice if you wish to increase the NP strength of a servant by a huge amount but it does have a slight demerit that you should be beware of.




Black Holy Grail

NormalIncrease NP Strength by 60% & lose 500 HP per turn [Demerit] for yourself
Max LimitIncrease NP Strength by 80% & lose 500 HP per turn [Demerit] foryourself

How to use

This CE increases the equipped servant’s NP damage up to 60%, which is a huge boost in terms of overall damage output especially for those servants that can charge up their NP gauge at a fast rate to unleash multiple NP within a short turn interval. However, it does come with a demerit which is the loss of 500 HP every turn so try to beware of that when going for a long battle as the damage will stack up to quite a lot.

Suggested Servants

Servants that can utilise this CE to its maximum potential are those that have a high damage NP and the ability to build up their NP gauge within a short period of time. The damage dealt to themselves should also be taken into consideration so you won’t accidentally get them killed.

Other Craft Essences

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Max Bond CE


Playing around with this CE, I found it very good on Marie. Her second skill gives a 5 turn heal, offsetting the demerit nicely. She has low atk, but her NP starts at 600% damage.

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a Servant with an absolute joke of a skillset (seriously, why have Mental Corruption if the accom...
Hopefully She will be available in the NA version. I'm already tired of using a friend'...
JA at the highest tier is just so fucking stupid
Discrepancy between drop rate and gather rate on her third skill. Fix?
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