Edmond Dantes Event (Vengeful Demon's Wall at the Prison Tower)

Fate Grand Order Edmond Dantes event guide, Vengeful Demon's Wall at the Prison Tower, how to complete quests, how to beat bosses.
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update 02/03/2018

Edmond Dantes event

This event is available during the period below on the NA (US) server.

Event Code (JP)監獄塔に復讐鬼は哭く
Period (UTC)Mar 1 ~ Mar 8 3: 59
RequirementClear 4th Singularity London

Event General Information

This event consists of a series of higher difficulty quests aimed for more experienced players. The event lasts for one week, and a new quest appears each day, bringing it to a total of 7 quests. The first six quests reward the players with one Summoning Ticket upon completion, while the final one has a Crystallized Lore as the reward.

In order to participate, the player must have cleared the Fourth Singularity: London. This event also introduces the Avenger class, and features Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo, in the rate-up banner. Full review can be read here.

AP 1/2 Cost Campaign

Before this event takes place, a campaign would be run to prepare the players to participate at the event, as it required the players to finish the London chapter in order to participate.

Period (UTC)Feb 22 5:00 ~ Mar 15 3:59
Quests with AP CutMain Quests for Fuyuki, Orleans, Septem, Okeanos and London

Only Main Quests will have the AP cost cut, Free Quests and Interlude will still have full AP costs.

Share Your Team!

This event is marked 'Challenge Event' for a reason: It's HARD. Also, for the time being until the re-run, you don't have the big powerful Servants Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) and Merlin, so you can't just cheese your way out. Therefore, you can share your team and experience on how to get through the entirety of this event. This will definitely help many players to complete the event.

Remember that Fate/Grand Order is made with the mindset of 'You can complete with any Servants', so if you can finish with low tier Servants (for example, Fionn mac Cumhaill or Stheno), don't be afraid to share as well!

To send your input and team, go to each quest's guide page (linked on each sections), and follow the instructions at the bottom of each pages. Your contribution will be listed there as well.


1st DoorVoid's Dustx1, Evil Bonex21, Assassin Monumentx1
2nd DoorClaw of Chaosx3, Heart of the Foreign Godx1, Saber Monumentx1
3rd DoorOctuplet Crystalsx4, Heart of the Foreign Godx2, Caster Monumentx1
4th DoorHero's Proofx18, Void's Dustx1, Saber Monumentx1
5th DoorEternal Gearx2, Homunculus Babyx5, Berserker Monumentx1
6th DoorDragon Fangx4, Heart of the Foreign Godx1
7th Door[Arrow 1] Ghost Lanternx6, Void's Dustx5
[Arrow 2] Void's Dustx5

[Envy] 1st Door : Black-Haired Demon


Arrow 1 (Only)

1/3Skeleton x240Lancer7,002
Skeleton x145Lancer7,826
2/3Skeleton x265Archer46,613
Shadow Mephistopheles x180Caster83,462
3/3Skeleton x265Saber61,767
Embodiment of Jealousy (Phantom of the Opera) x192Assassin197,067

[Lust] 2nd Door : Devil of Purgatory


Arrow 1 (Only)

1/3Chimera x225Assassin14,403
2/3Vanguard of Purgatory x142Caster126,879
3/3White Chimera x140Berserker77,579
Embodiment of Lust (Fergus Mac Roich) x177Saber201,324

[Sloth] 3rd Door : Monster of the Sunken Spiraled City


Arrow 1 (Only)

1/3Golem x2 45Berserker9,771
Iron Golem x142Berserker 11,997
2/3Crystal Golem x160Berserker124,542
3/3Demon x137Assassin78,586
Demon x137Rider78,586
Embodiment of Sloth (Gilles de Rais (Caster)) x192Caster 203,728

[Wrath] 4th Door : The Words of God was not Spoken


Arrow 1 (Only)

1/3French Soldier x253Lancer 9,151
French Soldier x153Lancer 6,101
2/3French Soldier x260Saber 50,820
Shadow Marie Antoinette x180Rider92,610
3/3French Soldier x160Saber 94,721
Angry Holy Virgin (Jeanne d'Arc) x184Ruler 172,580
Knight who serves the Holy Virgin (Gilles de Rais (Saber)) x189Saber 180,110

[Gluttony] 5th Door : Heartless Moonlight


Arrow 1 (Only)

1/3Homunculus x140Lancer 7,134
Proto Homunculus x128Lancer9,229
2/3Killing Doll x240Assassin 81,712
Proto Homunculus x130Lancer 115,312
2/3Proto Homunculus x235Lancer 67,389
Embodiment of Gluttony (Caligula) x190Berserker 254,797

[Greed] 6th Door : Revenge is Mine...


Arrow 1 (Only)

1/3Wyvern Evil x233Caster 10,257
Wyvern Evil x136Caster 11,180
2/3Wyvern Origin x153Rider 203,191
3/3Amakusa Shirou x185Ruler 143,517
Jeanne x188Ruler 191,916

[Pride] 7th Door : The Count of Monte Cristo


Arrow 1

1/2Terror Ghost x340Assassin 10,895
Terror Ghost x243Assassin 23,451
Ancient Ghost x160Assassin 81,096
2/2Herd of Souls who knew about Love and Hate x128Assassin 453,684

Arrow 2

1/1Edmond Dantes x190Avenger 511,434

Edmond Dantes Pickup Summon

Pickup Servant
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes
Servant Summary
 Edmond Dantes
 HP:12,177 ATK:7,69612,641 Card:QQABB/Q(NP)
[NP] Deal damage to all enemies. [Overcharge] Decrease DEF for all enemies (3 turn). Inflicts Curse to all enemies (5 turns)
[S1] Apply Sure-Hit for yourself (1 turn). Increase your ATK (1 turn). Increase your Debuff Resist (3 turns)
[S2] Increase your NP Gain (3 turns)
[S3] Decrease NP Gauge for a single enemy. Remove Debuffs for yourself. Gain C. Stars for yourself

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How do i unlock the final singularity of the prison tower
Hey i summoned edmon BUT i cant enhance come??? I cant lv him by normal means aka using cards .... why? I cant play the in the second stage of normal play...
<< Anonymous(Duva)
Anonymous Reply
Not sure about why you can enhance him. But u need to be finished the 5th stage ( the mist city:London) to unlock the event.
just an event for item drops nothing special....
<< Anonymous(yea)
Cano Reply
Because other than the refilling (which is always welcome) the idea is to summon Dantes. Now, between him and JAlter... I have a hard time deciding.
<< Anonymous(yea)
KrisX_212 Reply
Treasure your Summon Tickets. Who knows, that Summon Ticket can nab you your favorite SSR Servant. Every little bit counts!
<< Anonymous(Cano)
Raonak Reply
Jalter(rank S)
Dantes(rank D)
more heart! just like what I needed

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How do i unlock the final singularity of the prison tower
Start game button not lighting up
It's nothing special. All the Craft Essences listed are ones that are unavailable, and obvio...
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