I was rolling for extra sitonai copies and was spooked by Scheherazade. She's my only caster, but i don't have a team that is necessarily built around her. I'm only at Okeanos at the moment and am wondering if I should level her up, or just hold off till im farther in.


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She got a ST quest and she's the only servant that can give your team double guts, both in an NP and skill boosting her worth for the future challenge quests. Invest in her if you want a good survival/sustain support servant to use for harder content, you won't regret it.
I mean, Schez isn’t the BEST caster, but she’s a 5* so her stats alone make her a good investment for now compared to lower rarity servants. However, she is lackluster outside of her niche which is fighting servants with the King trait, which she will definitely do better against. Level her if you want or think you need an aoe caster, but other lower rarity servants are good as well like Medea. Again, it’s really all up to you.

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Her caster version is ssr not her berserker version -_-
Maybe Im blind or I can't see william tell
There is no free quest named Marshlands in Babylon
The gamepress list is better overall but is only the usa one
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