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This is so late as to be near useless, but the intermediate tea set collection does in fact drop the lowest tier item.
They add more items to the events as they become drops in the singularities. Gears and pages will drop around the time London is out. The horseshoes, we might have to wait until Camelot before they are fully available.
It worked very well! Thanks :)
You must be real fun at parties.
>EN Tier list >Orion to Okita (soon) could not be found. 'kay. >JP Tier list >Scheherazade and Osakabehime could not be found. ...
Depend on how many turns the battle take and team overall card layout. If less than 9 turns or if art cards total is less than 6 then Cu NP gain is less than average and firing 2 NP takes bit of effort, his hit count is so averge in NP and stargen. Okita can do 3-4 NP in 9 turns because of her hit counts + stargen so she is on a whole different level.
62 missions in and still only on Chapter 12 :|
As far as I know, this should be a bug. All event CEs should boost event drops.
If you max his first skill then NP gain problem is thing of the past. He can get into 100% NP using ABQ/AQQ chain and a single art crit can shoot his NP bar to 100%.
Leonidas has 3 turns taunt on his NP, 1 turn taunt on his 1st skill. This CE could also be put on Ruler class servants as they take 50% from most enemies.
Halloween Petit Devil advantages against Dive to Blue is that it increases NP gain not just Art effectiveness and yet you suggesting: "Best used on offensive Servants owning at least two Arts cards". There are servant with godd hit count on Quick, Extra or event Buster card.
Where is Mozart and Shakespear?
This CE is most effective on servants with powerful self-heal ability like Enkidu or anyone tanky with multiple heal abilities like Marie, Spartacus, Medb.
Saber 7
1. ? Shiki part shows 2 arts cards & Arts np already. 2. Thank you for pointing it out, fixed :)
The first turn of her stun will simply void any later cards of hers in that turn, the second turn is the only one that will clog your hand.
No. its a costume change you unlock with prisms.
I am Hype about mordred too, she will be coming out in the London singularity!!!
I use whatever Servant is best against the class for that free quest. As for the restricted quest, it really depends on the type of servants you can bring based on the condition
Thanks! This page has been fixed!
Caster 2
Thank you for pointing it out! It's fixed now :)
Well, the Jack's Best CEs section above listed 2030 as Jack best CE, when she suppose to be the best stargen in the game. There is no reason to put 2030 on a servant that can generate a bunch of stars on her own.
Pretty sure that they have abandoned the CEs tier list. I mean just look at this: -Talk on the Heated Sands: "Useful on pretty much every servant as 80% NP gauage can be combined with a variety of effects (such as Waver's skills) to immediately use a Servant's NP" -Talk on the Heated Sands effect was supposed to be: "Increase Critical Star Gather Rate by 400% and increase Critical Hit damage by 20%." Which has nothing to do with 80%NP
Lol, Zhuge Liang's NP overcharging effect is to increase the stun chance by 5.7%. I am pretty sure there are better candidates for Kaleidoscope. Also as a support servant, he should be using his skill to aid his allies need not using them to refund his own NP.(Not that Zhuge Liang has problem charging his own NP anyway)
All riders have a naturally high star weight.
Why would you put this CE on offensive servants, it has no damage boost and doesn't provide any attack stat either. To utilize 2030 the team comp should be: Support 1 with 2030 + Support 2 with 2030 + Main attacker ( the main attacker should have highest start absorption in the team) Also servant with start gen ability like Hans, Merlin, Marie Caster could replace one of the two 2030 holders.
Why would you equip 2030 on your main attacker? I thought 2030 should only be put on support servant, while the main attacker equip CE that can boost their damage output.
Black Grail is a pretty great CE on Anne&Mary, it raises NP damage and slowly lowering their hp.
I find Jeanne works wonder with art up CE like Formalcraft since she has 3 art cards. If you are not using her in art team then Prisma Cosmos is a great alternative.
If you want more star gen on Gil wouldn't Moonlight Fes or Castle of the Sun make more sense than Be Elegant. Since they also provide Crit damage up in exchange for slightly lower star gen, I mean Gil will probably be the main damage dealer after all.
Great article!! although this isn't a very comprehensive guide, I feel this is great for people trying to understand the concept of an arts team :)
he is extremely versatile, fits into many teams, plus he is easily obtainable for most. seeing him there in almost every "best servants to work with" doesn't come as much of a surprise
Playing around with this CE, I found it very good on Marie. Her second skill gives a 5 turn heal, offsetting the demerit nicely. She has low atk, but her NP starts at 600% damage.
Oh wow why did they make heracles so OP lol.
Thanks for the guide. I was wondering where i could get saber statues.
So the servant is not the girl, it's the book lol.
Is he worth pulling?
Fixed! :)
I wish this event was also in global. Wanted that free Ishtar T.T
Thank you for the servant analysis!
Really cool character, especially the glowing eyes.
Goddess mode is difficult as hell. barely finished it with my last character alive at less than 100hp.
Lancer 3
Nice! Thanks!
If only his NP was Buster instead of Arts, he would have been perfect.
Why is this one a lancer, but the other one literally holding a lance is a berserker. lol
Ymir appoves of this post. Though raikou is still an anatomical nightmare.
Orion 3
Useful tip, you also get the bonus when you select a support char with CE that gives moon dumplings.
Sure no problem :) Be sure to visit our site for the latest news and guide on FGO
Thank you for pointing it out! Fixed!



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This is so late as to be near useless, but the intermediate tea set collection does in fact drop ...
They add more items to the events as they become drops in the singularities. Gears and pages will...
It worked very well! Thanks :)
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