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Fascinating, interesting review that made me take a second look at him. What is your strategy for keeping him alive in higher level content?
Made out of magic. Mostly monsters like skeletons, ghosts, oni, boar, etc. Oni Servants also count as magical such as Shuten, Ibaraki and Tomoe.
Why is Musashi ranked A and B?
Just use one to empower the other. You are quite lucky
Clear room #504 in the event and she's yours to keep.
Honestly one of the best wave clearing CEs. Pair with a servant like Ishtar who has NP charge and AoE damage NP, and that's instantly next round.
Best servent
Saved 90 quartz, last batch throws me a Nero I break my spirit, then best wife shows up!
After a lot of interludes and strengthening, Spartacus seems like a Berserker that may be worth investing beyond memes. He's not that useful in the beginning, but afterwards, he looks like he can shine... and TRAMPLE THE OPPRESSORS THAT RIDICULES HIS EARLY LOW STATS.
Serious NO Nero bride?
It's still a good debate about who's stronger between Scathach and Brynhild, mainly about damage and survivability. In the latter, though, Scathach seems to have more edge because one of her skills include a 100% dodge for one turn, while Brynhild is decreasing the enemy's strength and critical rate. Also, the Healing level of Hero's Bridesmaid (Skill 3) raise the Healing amount so it can practically replace the Heal command spell, so sometimes it's also getting priority over Primordial Rune. Depending on the situation, it may have equal priority (but both are still below Mana Burst (skill 1)).
for everyone on team +50
Jalter in jp tier list b rank wtf?, missing oda nobunaga archer and nursery rhyme.
Thanks! It's fixed now :)
I prefer to reroll. My luck is E rank in nature. Whenever I do not reroll, I always get units like Siegfried, or ones of equivalent uselessness in other games.
Medusa 3
it might say 1000% but its a quick type therefore its effective percentage is 800%. and her arts hitting 3 times doesn't mean in any way watsoever it does more dmg than her buster. buster has a 1.5x multiplier arts 1x quick 0.8x np % does not include this multiplier yet so a np 1 buster aoe that says 300% is actually 450% for example.
Jura & jula is same. Japan hiragana & katakana don't have 'L' So they used R to spell L
Could someone update this. Emiya is at least a 6/10 on jp. With his Hawkeye skill he can hit for 100k buster Crit on sabers and berserker
UPDATE: HA! Made it. cleaned out most of the materials in rewards trade shop. Except for some Daruma trades and the class idols. Got San[Ta] and all her power-ups too haha.
Cu Alter's version of Protection From Arrows grants evasion for 2 Hits, not 3. (Overview and Skills sections say he has a 3-hit evade).
Lancer 4
Lancer arthuria is AOE Np dealer
"Main Buster Damage: Only truly effective against Berserkers / Lancers(...)" Think you wanted to say "Archers"
It took me like a year, actually getting to Babylonia and her proper release for me to realize she was a blonde Rin. I am so glad I threw all those Saint Quartz for her. T.T
I think they inverted all of them. Hp and Atk columns are backwards
Caster 3
I recently rolled Scheherazade but I can't seem to find any info on this website.
I got the bucket but can't use them, can i keep them even after the events?
Wtf is doing gintoki here why has he kin hair ??? Lol
Lol K-scope on Waver.
Medb 1
Sure let's put Wolves of Mibu that ce that increase Quick card effectiveness on a Servant with only 1 Quick card. Seriously there are a bunch of different better option for her. Btw, Medb has really good synergy with Black Grail as the heal from her skills help mitigate Black Grail demerit effect.
Cons: NP damage is terrible if not using on poisoned enemy. Skill priority should be: 2->3->1.
Cons: Bad Np gain, second lowest NP damage of all Single Target Lancer.
Circe 3rd skill increases Critical Star generation/drop rate, not Star Gather rate.
Passive star gen team can be formed even without 2030 all you need is 2 passive star generators (Hans, Liz Caster, Mephistopheles etc ) and a servant with high star weight. I actually found passive star gen team are easier to form compare to Quick team at least in NA due to the lack of cheap Quick star generator.
This is so late as to be near useless, but the intermediate tea set collection does in fact drop the lowest tier item.
They add more items to the events as they become drops in the singularities. Gears and pages will drop around the time London is out. The horseshoes, we might have to wait until Camelot before they are fully available.
It worked very well! Thanks :)
You must be real fun at parties.
62 missions in and still only on Chapter 12 :|
As far as I know, this should be a bug. All event CEs should boost event drops.
Leonidas has 3 turns taunt on his NP, 1 turn taunt on his 1st skill. This CE could also be put on Ruler class servants as they take 50% from most enemies.
Halloween Petit Devil advantages against Dive to Blue is that it increases NP gain not just Art effectiveness and yet you suggesting: "Best used on offensive Servants owning at least two Arts cards". There are servant with godd hit count on Quick, Extra or event Buster card.
Where is Mozart and Shakespear?
This CE is most effective on servants with powerful self-heal ability like Enkidu or anyone tanky with multiple heal abilities like Marie, Spartacus, Medb.


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Fascinating, interesting review that made me take a second look at him. What is your strategy fo...
Made out of magic. Mostly monsters like skeletons, ghosts, oni, boar, etc. Oni Servants also coun...
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