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You must feel so good about your decision that you come online to try and find self-justification on a dead website! Wow!
where is all the info?
It's okay, the writer is allowed to be a homosexual.
Is there any site that has a JP tier list in english? (detailed, not only a image file) Since this is outdated.
when did rider maid altria become a 4 star? this list is serious problematic and dumb in every way
Out of her tier is what they mean
Why is this talking about another servant's skills....
Skill Enhancement Materials and Ascension Materials are wrong (are of tamato caster)
Sieg 3
Also since he used a "Self-Destruct" Noble phantasm at full power and suffered no real wound, his NP should be an NP that uses every other Servants NP in the whole game at 500% charge and level 5 automatically aswell as an extra 1000000% death resist so he doesn't die
Yes, alterego don't Deal extra damage against rules but kiara is an exception because of her nega-saver passiv skil she deal 1.5 damage to rulers that's why she is super effective against 6 classes
"NP DAMAGE UP Bringing Tristan’s NP damage up, this type of CE is best used when Tristan’s damage output is needed - either as a primary damage dealer, or in multiple-boss stages containing a Saber-class boss." What has Martha to do with Tristan? LOL
Presence Concealment C+ not A+
How is she only a B. Please explain about why she has that ranking as well as raikou. THEY ARE GREAT SERVANTS
Actually, her third skill works against all Saber enemies. At max rank, she does as much damage to Saber enemies as Archer class Servants do, and it boosts her star generation as well. It's still a niche skill, but not as much as you're making it out to be. It's her NP that only gets bonus damage against Saberface enemies.
Which OS do you run? Can you be more specific?
Fionn (lancer) also needs void dust.
Gorgon 4
I imagine she's in the A-tier because Merlin exists.
Why are Craft Essence guides abandoned? Please update them as the pages and Best Servants is pretty helpful
The heal and critical damage of her uprgraded third skill are in the wrong places ._.
You use the Orb of merits to enter quests that give you lotuses. You can't exchange orb of merits for stuff. You buy stuff from the shop with lotuses.
Darn, I missed getting Irisviel. Just started playing recently, better late than never but is there any way to get her after event?
Edmond is Chaotic Evil, not Lawful Good
In Lost ark part 2 #3 it says the terror ghost is lvl 55 when it is 35 in game
Howdy "The goal isn't exactly to defeat Ibaraki, but to deal as much damage as possible. Each battle only lasts for 15 turns, and it doesn't matter if you win or lose or run out of time, you still gain Damage Points as long as you do not choose the Withdraw option." This is misleading. While your points will be added to the grand total, you personally get no credit if you are defeated. (The event announcement in game specifically says that)
Mistake fixed. Thank you!
Caster 5
She should have been added now.
Apologies, got some things mixed up. Yes, Leonidas should be B rank. Got the NP level and Overcharge mechanic mixed up.
"Her QAAAB deck allows Shuten"
Wth Jalter. XD
Orion 6
Quick summary: Summoning got messed up, Orion transformed, Artemis came with him, Orion got some of his powers transferred to Artemis.
Yeah, apologies for the misplacing. At any rate we fixed that.
We apologize for the misplacing of BB and Suzuka. Now Suzuka has been put in this page.
Yes you can.
Nobu would also benefit from CEs that buff her star absorption rate, especially if she's paired with a star-gen support servant. Vow of the Hot Sands comes to mind as a particularly good one for her.
Fixed. Thank you very much.
Thank you. That was fixed. When we said 'Available', it means that the event for summoning her has been available in the ENG Server. Even if you can't summon her now, you may still be able to find a friend that managed to summon her.
Was rolling for cu alter but got her instead
Unfortunately there was no real new information released during the event. Only a slight mention of their convention appearances and the 10 SQ give away in celebration of the stream.
Medb 3
Thanks! It's fixed.
Maybe you should update the E Pluribus Unum 2nd campaign info, they already advised us, it's from March 22th 4:00 UTC to April 5th 3:59 UTC
Euryale has been cleaning up against male Berserker bosses in America for me. She has one-hit Cu Alter on four separate occasions when backed up by Tamamo no Mae and equipped with a limit broken Halloween Princess. On the fifth time he takes the field, he survived two rounds.
FYI: His NP refund with out Overkill while using Formal Craft and Tamamo's buff has been consistently 23-24.
Thank you! If you still kept your screenshot and other requirements as stated in the page, you can send it to the given email and it'll be on the page, not the comment section!
Check the message first. If it said 'No Effect', that means the boss is immune to instant death. If it said 'Missed', then you just missed the chance. It happened to the Wyvern at Door 6 wave 2 too.
Thank you for notifying. It's fixed.
I can't wait for scathach assasin <3



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You must feel so good about your decision that you come online to try and find self-justification...
where is all the info?
It's okay, the writer is allowed to be a homosexual.
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