How to Complete Master Missions [US May 7 - May 13]

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update 07/05/2018

What is Master Mission?

Master Mission is a set of seven optional missions that can be completed once and resets weekly, with a set of new missions. Each mission completion will reward you with two Saint Quartz Fragments.

What is Saint Quartz Fragment?

Saint Quartz Fragment is a mini-material item that can be combined to create a Saint Quartz. This is one of the few, if not the most constant, way to gather Saint Quartz without spending money.

You need 7 Saint Quartz Fragments to create a Saint Quartz. Each week's mission list will grant you a total of 14 fragments, so you can get 2 Quartzes per week.

Master Missions (May 7 - May 13)

One of the missions available every week will always be 'Complete all other Master Missions this week.' So it will not be listed here.

This section will update weekly.

Defeat 20 Saber, Archer or Lancer class enemies
Defeat 15 Archer class enemies
Defeat 20 Rider, Caster, Assassin or Berserker class enemies
Defeat 15 Rider class enemies
Defeat 15 Caster class enemies
Complete Quests 10 times

How to complete Master Missions

This section will provide the easiest, most AP-cost effective way to complete the Master Missions that appear.

Mission TypeHow to finish
Defeat X Good/Evil Servants.Complete Free Quest 'Unknown Coordinates X-F - Burnt Down Schoolhouse' at Fuyuki
Defeat X Balanced ServantsComplete Free Quest 'Gaul - An Ancient Harbor' at Septem
Defeat X Ghost-Type Enemies.Complete Free Quest 'Mt. Ena - Exciting Land' at Septem
Defeat X Dragon Enemies.Complete Free Quest 'Thiers - Town of Blades' at Orleans
Acquire X class Monuments or Pieces through battles. Complete the corresponding Class Training Ground Daily Quests. For a quick reminder:
Sunday: Saber
Monday: Archer
Tuesday: Lancer
Wednesday: Berserker
Thursday: Rider
Friday: Caster
Saturday: Assassin
Defeat X Male EnemiesComplete Free Quest 'Domremy - Jeanne's Birthplace' at Orleans
Defeat X Y-Class EnemiesComplete the corresponding Class Training Ground Daily Quests
Acquire X Gems, Magic Gems or Secret Gems throughout battlesComplete the Class Training Ground Daily Quests (if it's of specific classes, refer to the above reminder)
Defeat X 'Demonic' EnemiesComplete Free Quest 'Bordeaux - A Toast with Wine' in Orleans
Defeat X 'Humanoid' EnemiesComplete Free Quest 'Bordeaux - A Toast with Wine' in Orleans
Defeat X 'Divine' ServantsComplete Free Quest 'Unknown Coordinates X-E - Church of Wandering Corpses' in Fuyuki
Defeat X 'Door' EnemiesComplete any of the Enter the Treasure Vault Daily Quests
Defeat X 'Hand' EnemiesComplete any of the Ember Gathering Daily Quests
Defeat X Y-Class ServantsComplete the corresponding Class Trainning Ground Daily Quests



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