Saber Wars: The Caliburn Awakens Rerun [JP 2018]

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Event General Strategy & Tips


Players are expected to collect Altrium points (Artorium) by completing event quests. Collecting Altrium will allow players to collect prizes of power-up materials, stamina recovery items, premium currency and even craft essences. You can increase altrium collected by using certain saber servants.

Event Servants


Certain servants will provide a bonus to the amount of atrium collected by a player per battle. But in addition, these servants are also subject to bonus damage they can inflict in each battle. These are generally Saber class servants except for the assassin class Mysterious Heroine X.

+50%Mysterious Heroine X (Assassin) Arturia Pendragon (Lily)
+30%Altria Pendragon (Alter) Nero Claudius
+20%Arturia Pendragon Mordred Okita Souji Altera Nero Claudius (Bride) Ryougi Shiki(Saber) Miyamoto Musashi Arthur Pendragon(Prototype) Siegfried Le Chavelier d’Eon Rama Lancelot (Saber) Gawain Elisabeth Bathory (Brave) Suzuka Gozen Frankenstein (Saber Summer 2017) Yagyuu Munenori
+10%Fergus Mac Roich Gilles De Rais (Saber) Gaius Julius Caesar Bedivere

Event Craft Essences


Event craft essences will also be in effect. Purely Bloom and Star of Altria will increase damage done by your servants. Craft essences: Land of Shadows, Bride Training and Trueshot will increase event trade material drops.

Purely Bloom
Purely Bloom
Increase equipping servant's damage by 100%(LB:200%)
Star of Altria
Star of Altria
Increases team's damage by 50%(LB:100%)
The Crimson Land of Shadows
The Crimson Land of Shadows
Increases Vacuum Tube drop by 1(LB:2)
Mikotto! Bridal Training
Mikotto! Bridal Training
Increase All-Purpose Lens drop by 1(LB:2)
Increase Transistor G drop by 1(LB:2)

Share Your Team!

The battles of these events get increasingly hard, and there's also a challenge quest awaiting at the end so we provide some strategies for the latter stages. Thankfully, since this is a re-run, you now have access to more powerful servants made available after the original run.

Therefore, you can share your team and experience on how to get through the hard parts of the re-run. This will definitely help many players to get through the hard parts or find a way to efficiently farm the goods.

Remember that Fate/Grand Order is made with the mindset of 'You can complete with any Servants', so if you can finish with low tier Servants (for example, Fionn mac Cumhaill or Stheno), don't be afraid to share as well!

To send your input and team, go to each quest's guide page (linked on each sections), and follow the instructions at the bottom of each pages. Your contribution will be listed there as well.

Farming Spots

ArtoriumHighest-recommended level Free Quest the player can handle, daily one-time Space Invader Quests
Transistor GLv 70 40 AP Free QuestJeanne d’Arc
Jeanne d’Arc
20 AP Free QuestEdward Teach
Edward Teach
All-Purpose LensLv 80 40 AP Free QuestNikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla
25 AP Free QuestTamamo Cat
Tamamo Cat
Vacuum TubeLv 85 40 AP Free QuestScathach
40 AP Free QuestFrancis Drake
Francis Drake

Farming (Free Quests)

The Machine Gathering farming parts remain largely the same as the previous Saber Wars event. For the harder farming parts, we have provided guides.

Challenge Quests

Space Invaders

Every day, a new bonus quest will be unlocked and players may challenge these quests. As the day progressed, the quests will become harder.

The enemy informations from the first to eight days are as follows. As long as you keep a party of Sabers majorly, you should be fine.

Day 1

1/3Altonian x310Lancer6,342
2/3Altonian x310Lancer6,342
3/3Altonian x220Lancer18,232
Elite Altonian30Lancer156,495

Day 2

1/2Altonian x315Lancer9,277
2/2Space Beast King Ramechi25Berserker227,427

Day 3

1/2Altonian x320Lancer12,155
2/2Galaxy Demon Gomoran35Rider367,543

Day 4

1/2Altonian x325Lancer15,091
2/2Space Dinosaur Briton35Lancer513,538

Day 5

1/3Altonian x230Lancer17,969
Elite Altonian25Lancer54,987
Elite Altonian x225Lancer54,987
3/3Elite Altonian x225Lancer54,987
Altonian Jr40Lancer329,709

Day 6

1/2Altonian x235Lancer20,904
Elite Altonian25Lancer54,987
2/2Space Evil Mega Beast Ramechi30Berserker436,056

Day 7

1/2Altonian x240Lancer23,782
Elite Altonian30Lancer65,892
2/2Galaxy Demon Gogumagon35Rider666,370

Day 8

1/2Altonian x245Lancer26,718
Elite Altonian35Lancer77,016
2/2Space Super Dragon Zaxon50Lancer889,670

Re-Run Challenge Quest: Altrium Hunters

There is an extra quest after fulfilling certain conditions that is available only in the Re-Run.

RequirementClear Saber Wars Re-run main event and Salomon Singularity
RewardCrystallized Lore

Strengthening Quest

For this rerun, Saber Lily will receive a strengthening quest to increase the power of her Noble Phantasm.


Pick Up Summon

Period (JST)Mar 15 18:00 - Mar 29 12:59

Only Saber-class Servants will appear in this banner, except Mysterious Heroine X.


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