Saber Wars Altrium Hunters

Fate Grand Order Saber Wars event challenge quest, Altrium Hunters, how to complete the quest.
[US] Fate Grand Order
How to unlock/max Irisviel
update 21/03/2018

Battle Outline

1/1Corrosion Rate 10% (Rama)90Saber262,240
Corrosion Rate 20% (Billy the Kid)90Archer293,950
Corrosion Rate 35% (Nezha)90Lancer401,790
Corrosion Rate 50% (Atalante)90Archer344,900
Corrosion Rate 65% (Francis Drake)90Rider513,200
Corrosion Rate 95% (Lu Bu)90Berserker716,830
Corrosion Rate 120% (Nitocris (Assassin))90Assassin445,795


  • This is pretty much a survival battle against beefed up Servants. Prioritize those who possess AoE NP since they can easily decimate your party
  • The AoE NP Servants include Nezha, Atalante, Francis Drake and Nitocris. So you should try to prioritize them. By focusing on these Servants, you could leave Rama and Billy, the ones whose NP are single target and could be averted with Taunt+Evade all the way until the end.
  • Alternatively, you may want to take out Billy quickly since he charges his NP fast enough (requiring only 3 bars), and then focusing on Atalante before going after Nezha (by the time you eliminated the two, Nezha would have had enough charges in NP) and then Drake.
  • Lu Bu has permanent Attack and Defense buffs and charges 2 bars of NP per turn.
  • Nitocris has permanent Attack, Defense and Crit Rate buffs
  • Because of the buffs, Lu Bu should become top priority the moment he appears.

Strategies and Recommended Servants

  • Since this is a Survival battle, there is one Servant that you may want to put in the very last spot of your team: Cu Chulainn. You may be able to pull the 'final soloing' that way.
  • To sustain your team, you probably will need Mash Kyrielight to soak up damage and protect your teammates.
  • Merlin will be absolutely vital thanks to his set of support skills. Just be careful that Drake will deal extra damage to him.
  • A taunting Servant would be great. If you have levelled/grailed Georgios, you can put him as a main taunter because his weakness class comes up only once and at the end. Be sure to grant him Evade when you know an NP is incoming though.
  • Due to the class varieties, your main attacker should be of the Berserker class at least. Do everything you can to keep them alive.
  • Jeanne d'Arc can be a very useful support in this case, any time you see an AoE NP incoming, counter it with your own NP
  • A Servant that drains enemy NP can prove to be vital in delaying the enemies from using their NP. Tamamo no Mae is good at this since not only she can do that, she can also double as a HP sustainer.

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