Saber Wars Event: The Caliburn Awakens

Fate Grand Order Saber Wars: Lily's Cosmic Winter Rebellion ~The Caliburn Awakens~, guides, farming, tips, servants, and craft essences.
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update 29/12/2017
Period (UTC)Jan 4 - Jan 18 3:59

Event General Strategy & Tips

Similar to GUDAGUDA Honnouji, Saber Wars requires players to gather Artorium Points aside from the usual 3-material system.

Event Servants

In this event, Saber-class Servants deal increased damage and also increase the amount of Artorium Points acquired - the magnitude of these bonuses differs for each Servant.

+50%Mysterious Heroine X (Assassin) Arturia Pendragon (Lily)
+30%Altria Pendragon (Alter) Nero Claudius
+20%Arturia Pendragon Mordred Okita Souji Altera Siegfried Le Chavelier d’Eon
+10%Fergus Mac Roich Gilles De Rais (Saber) Gaius Julius Caesar

Event Craft Essences

The two free event Craft Essences, Purely Bloom and Star of Artoria, increase Servants’ damage, allowing easier runs in higher-level quests.

As usual, the gacha Craft Essences increase drops for the three materials - Vacuum Tube, All-Purpose Lens, and Transistor G.

Due to the fluctuating difficulty of this event (depending on how many damage-increasing CEs the player possesses), alternative lower-level farming nodes are listed as well.

Farming Spots

  • Transistor G: Lv.70 40AP Free Quest (Boss: Jeanne d’Arc)
  • All-Purpose Lens: Lv.80 40AP Free Quest (Boss: Nikola Tesla)
  • Vacuum Tube: Lv.85 40AP Free Quest (Boss: Scathach)
  • Artorium Points: Highest-recommended level Free Quest the player can handle, daily one-time Space Invader Quests

Farming Spots (Alternatives)

  • Transistor G: 20AP Free Quest (Boss: Blackbeard)
  • All-Purpose Lens: 25AP Free Quest (Boss: Tamamo Cat)
  • Vacuum Tube: Lv.50 40AP Free Quest (Boss: Francis Drake)

Event Shop

To fully deplete the Event Shop, the following amounts are needed of each material:

  • 1950 Transistor Gs
  • 2950 All-Purpose Lenses
  • 2900 Vacuum Tubes


  • 150 Transistor Gs (Purely Bloom 5★)
  • 150 All-Purpose Lenses (Purely Bloom 5★)
  • 300 Vacuum Tubes (2x Purely Bloom 5★)
  • 1000000 Artorium Points (5★ Altria [Lily] copies)

Notable Stages

  • Lv.80 40AP Free Quest (Boss: Nikola Tesla)
    Due to Sabers being the class with damage increase, Tesla’s Archer class may pose a problem for unprepared players. As such, it is recommended to avoid farming on this map unless the player is able to complete it reliably.
  • Lv.90 40AP Free Quest (Boss: Ultra Mysterious Heroine Z)
    With a 400,000 Fafnir on the second wave and a 1,000,000 UHZ on the third, this stage can be a major headache for players, especially those more lacking in Saber and Caster-class Servants. Due to UHZ’s Assassin class, leveling Medea is recommended for this stage, while the Lancer-class Fafnir can be rather easily taken care of by a damage dealer Saber (provided the player has enough damage increasing CEs).

  • Lv.90 Space Creature Invasion XIII (Boss: Altria Pendragon [Alter Lancer])
    This quest’s difficulty mostly lies in Altria’s ultra-high health pool. Even so, with sufficient event CEs, a full Saber-class party can finish it rather easily. Mordred and Okita are recommended for this stage; the former for her anti-Altria supereffective, and the latter for her powerful single-target damage capabilities.

Farming (Free Quests)

Machine Parts Gathering (機材集め)

AP: 20
Item Drop:
Eternal Gear Dragon Fang All-Purpose Lens Transistor G Artorium Purely Bloom
Rider Assassin
AP: 25
Item Drop:
Eternal Gear Dragon Fang All-Purpose Lens Vacuum Tube Artorium Purely Bloom
Rider Saber Berserker
AP: 30
Item Drop:
Eternal Gear Dragon Fang All-Purpose Lens Transistor G Vacuum Tube Artorium
Assassin Rider Lancer Saber
AP: 40
Item Drop:
Vacuum Tube Artorium Eternal Gear Octuplet Crystals Purely Bloom
Saber Rider
AP: 40
Item Drop:
Vacuum Tube Artorium All-Purpose Lens Meteor Horseshoe
Rider Caster Lancer
AP: 40
Item Drop:
Vacuum Tube Transistor G Artorium Eternal Gear
Assassin Rider Ruler
Star Cluster
AP: 40
Item Drop:
Vacuum Tube Artorium All-Purpose Lens Claw of Chaos Dragon Fang
Rider Caster Berserker Archer
AP: 40
Item Drop:
Vacuum Tube Artorium Eternal Gear Octuplet Crystals Heart of the Foreign God
Saber Caster Rider Lancer
Super Dimension
AP: 40
Item Drop:
Artorium Dragon's Reverse Scale Homunculus Baby
Lancer Caster Berserker

Pickup Summon

Mysterious Heroine X Pickup Summon


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