Machine Parts Gathering: Comet

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update 17/03/2018

Battle Outline

1/3Centaur nu40Rider14,137
Centaur Knight nu40Rider17,383
2/3Centaur Knight nu40Rider17,383
Centaur Knight nu41Rider17,854
Centaur Paladin nu40Rider22,986
3/3Centaur Knight nu40Rider17,383
Centaur Paladin nu40Rider22,986
Amadeusious (Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart)90Caster160,416
Venus Eli-chan (Elizabeth Bathory)50Lancer121,215


Battle 1

  • You will be faced with either a group of three Centaurs or a group of three Centaur Knights.
  • Despite the increase in HP, this battle is still not much trouble unless you are severely under-leveled or if you're fighting Centaur Knights.

Battle 2

  • Centaurs on their own are no trouble but Centaur Knights and Centaur Paladins can get nasty. They will not outright kill your servants unless you are under-leveled, but they will wear down your servants to varying degrees.

Battle 3

  • Elizabeth and Amadeus have decent damage on attack so you have to assume you are under a clock. The only NP that can deal direct damage is Elizabeth's NP.
  • You want to prioritize defeating the Centaur first, then Elizabeth before leaving Amadeus for last. This is because Amadeus' NP is a debuff that does increase his regular damage output but not enough to be threatening.

Strategies and Recommended Servants

  • This quest specifically, you will want to bring AoE servants. At least one when your confronting battle 3/3. This will allow you to efficiently defeat the Centaur without wasting rounds before wailing down on Elizabeth and Amadeus.
  • Due to the massive class spread, bringing servants with affinity advantages is not as advisable as bringing saber class servants. Because bringing assassin class will make dealing with the centaurs easier but will prolong the fight with Amadeus. This does not make the fight more difficult but it does make things more tedious.
  • If you do bring an assassin class to deal with the centaurs, you might want to look into the Chaldea battle uniform mystic code to swap your assassin out with your backline to make the fight with Amadeus go more smoothly.

Recommended Servants
Altria Pendragon
Altria Pendragon
Shuten Douji
Shuten Douji

Shuten Douji is only advised if you want to bring an assassin class servant. But any AoE assassin servant to sweep the centaurs will do.

Item Drop Info

Event ItemsArtorium All-Purpose Lens Vacuum Tube Mysterious Material Alpha Mysterious Material Beta Purely Bloom
Normal ItemsMeteor Horseshoe

This battle isn't the best to farm any of the event-specific items. While you can get Artorium, Lens and Tubes, there are better places to farm those specific items. However, it's good if you want to farm Meteor Horseshoes due to the abundance of Centaurs.

On the bright side, this means that you have total freedom in how you equip your CE, although there's still worth in bringing in either Purely Bloom or Star of Altria to increase your strength and quicken the farming process.

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NOTE: Unlike the Edmond Dantes Event, this kind of battle is repeatable. So if you have more than one strategy, let us know.


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