Machine Parts Gathering: Star Cluster

Fate Grand Order Saber Wars event free quest, Machine Parts Gathering Star Cluster, how to farm.
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How to unlock/max Irisviel
update 19/03/2018

Battle Outline

1/3Wyvern Dread x240Rider33,028
Door of Saints40Caster24,053
2/3Wyvern Evil40Rider41,375
Wyvern Dread40Rider33,028
Moon Chimera40Berserker196,539
3/3Wyvern Evil x240Rider41,375
Captain☆Nikola (Nikola Tesla)40Archer406,416


Battle 1

  • This battle pits you against more Rider Wyverns and one Caster Door. Since this is an earlier battle, you can put in an Assassin, since afterwards, more Rider Wyverns will swarm the battle

Battle 2

  • Eliminate the Berserker Chimera first before sweeping into the Wyverns.
  • As said, this is where your usage of Assassin in the first battle begins to shine, but don't get cocky: The hardest part is yet to come.

Battle 3

  • This battle is dreaded for a reason: You get bonuses as Saber, yet the big boss is Tesla (an Archer) and he's quick to whip out his AoE NP.
  • If you think your Sabers are strong enough, then fight with the help of your Mystic Code and other dodges to block Tesla's NP. Otherwise, replace one of your Sabers with a Lancer.
  • Your Assassin can take care of the Wyverns. It'll help if the Assassin has an AoE NP.

Strategies and Recommended Servants

  • Thankfully, unlike the original run, you have more Servants to choose from, so more options becomes available for this.
  • Tesla is part of Brynhild's Beloved, so if you bring her in, this will amplify her NP damage to him, in addition of the bonus damage from Lancers.
  • Assassins with AOE NP are very recommended for quick-clearing the earlier waves, just be sure to protect them from the earlier Caster. This can range from someone as common as Fuuma Kotarou to as rare as Semiramis (the latter can even nullify the Caster advantage)

Item Drop Info

Event ItemsArtorium Vacuum Tube All-Purpose Lens Mysterious Material Alpha Purely Bloom Star of Altria
Normal ItemsClaw of Chaos Dragon Fang

This battle is best for farming All-Purpose Lens (though you can get a small amount of Vacuum Tubes too here), therefore have at least one of your Servants equipping the CE Mikotto! Bridal Training. Due to the strength of the enemy here, you may consider putting Purely Bloom into one of your fighters here.

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NOTE: Unlike the Edmond Dantes Event, this kind of battle is repeatable. So if you have more than one strategy, let us know.


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