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How to unlock/max Irisviel
update 21/03/2018

Battle Outline

1/2Elite Altonian x336Lancer79,198
2/2Galaxy Demon Gogumagon x235Rider370,206
Great Lucky (Karna)80Lancer1,278,090


Battle 1

  • This battle is simple enough if you have your team of Sabers. However, try not to have a full Saber team, since it'll help on the next battle.

Battle 2

  • The demons have a tough HP score and they can decrease NP power, hindering your attempt to concentrate on Karna when you have your NP charged.
  • Karna's NP is a powerful AOE, so taunt won't be of much use once he's the only one behind. Not to mention he can charge his own NP.

Strategies and Recommended Servants

  • It's recommended to at least keep an Assassin, preferably Ryougi Shiki. Her job is to instant-kill the demons at the 2nd wave before they become troublesome.
  • Alternatively, you can also try your hand on deploying Saber Shiki since she can do instant-kill on the enemy party and being a Saber class means that she can still handle Karna afterwards.
  • Since Mysterious Heroine X gets a boost in damage during this event, she can be used as the Assassin to get rid of the demons.
  • Single-target Sabers shine through in fighting Karna, and even better if they also specialize in critical generation

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