Machine Parts Gathering: Extreme

Fate Grand Order Saber Wars event free quest, Machine Parts Gathering Extreme, how to farm.
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update 17/03/2018

Battle Outline

1/3Helter Skelter δ36Saber11,754
Helter Skelter x235Saber11,439
2/3Helter Skelter δ 36Saber11,754
Helter Skelter δ x235Saber11,439
3/3Helter Skelter δ40Saber53,204
Helter Skelter40Saber39,042
Lady Scarlet(Francis Drake)62Rider181,566


Battle 1

  • Unless you only have low level servants or lancers for 3-stars and above at low levels, this should be easy enough.

Battle 2

  • Notably the same as the first battle.

Battle 3

  • The Helter Skelters have more HP now and deal considerably more damage. Still should not be a threat unless under severe level and class disadvantage.
  • Francis Drake's only real threat is her NP, and unless you have an assassin with over 15,000 HP, it is advised that you have evasion on hand to save your key servant.

Strategies and Recommended Servants

  • Archers are advised for the severely underleveled such as new players. Otherwise, saber are a better choice as the event benefit provides them attack power approaching class advantage damage output, and a bonus to gained altrium.
  • Bringing an assassin or a high level saber to deal with Drake is advised. Ideally you can get Mysterious Heroine X on your party or through support servant as she has both class advantage and event benefits that allow her to make short work of Drake.

Item Drop Info

Event ItemsArtorium Vacuum Tube Mysterious Material Beta Purely Bloom
Normal ItemsEternal Gear Octuplet Crystals

This battle is best for farming Vacuum Tubes, therefore have at least one of your Servants equipping the CE The Crimson Land of Shadows

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NOTE: Unlike the Edmond Dantes Event, this kind of battle is repeatable. So if you have more than one strategy, let us know.


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