Machine Parts Gathering: Super Dimension

Fate Grand Order Saber Wars event free quest, Machine Parts Gathering Super Dimension, how to farm.
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How to unlock/max Irisviel
update 19/03/2018

Enemy Info

1/3Elite Altonian x234Saber46,772
Door of Champions40Caster47,322
2/3Space Dragon58Lancer424,450
3/3Ultra Heroine Z82Assassin1,054,800


Battle 1

  • At this point, it's still a normal battle. Build up your NP, you're going to need it.

Battle 2

  • Bad news: It's a battle against a huge dragon with constant AoE attack, so taunts are useless.
  • Good news: It's a Lancer class, meaning that Sabers, the class that has bonuses in this event, are more durable against it.
  • Even more bad news: An All-Saber team strategy might not be as effective in the next battle.

Battle 3

  • By far one of the hardest battles. Ultra Heroine Z is an Assassin, which are usually weak against Casters, but Casters are mostly support-based, not offense. In addition of this, her HP is extremely high. Even with a Caster around, you will have a hard time and a long battle ahead.

Strategies and Recommended Servants

  • Since the Dragon in Battle 2 is a Lancer, this is one of the best times to use Siegfried. Just understand that his role is to quickly finish the second battle ASAP, it's fine if he doesn't last in the third battle.
  • While most Casters are less offense-oriented, there is a Caster that can be used for offense and works greatly for the third battle: Xuanzang. Not only does she have surprisingly powerful offense and NP, she can also direct Ultra Heroine Z's single target NP to herself with her taunt. She wouldn't be as effective during the Dragon fight, so best to keep her in reserve and then swap her in when Battle 3 commences.
  • As a support, Merlin can be used in both dangerous phases: He can make the team endure the Dragon's attacks for a few times and boost up the NP of either of the two recommended servants mentioned.
Recommended Servants

Item Drop Info

Event ItemsArtorium Mysterious Material Alpha Purely Bloom Star of Altria
Normal ItemsDragon's Reverse Scale Homunculus Baby

This battle is best for farming Altrium points. If you're very short on Altrium and have the correct Servant combinations, try this one. Due to the strength of the enemy here, you may consider putting Purely Bloom into one of your fighters here.

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NOTE: Unlike the Edmond Dantes Event, this kind of battle is repeatable. So if you have more than one strategy, let us know.


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