Star of Altria

FGO Star of Altria, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
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update 06/01/2018

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Star of Altria

Grants the GUTS status to self for 1 HP. Other than that, not much else.



  • grants the guts status.
  • very powerful effect for saber wars event.


  • Not very good cost to effect ratio.
  • +5%(LB:+10%) debuff resistance is nothing to write home about with the given 12 cost, even accounting for the attached guts status.

overall: Not a bad CE per se but overshadowed by all other CE with GUTS effects. The +5%(LB:+10%) immunity is practically negligible, if the effect were increased to +15%(LB:+20%) minimum, it might have garnered interest. As it is, it serves as a very ineffective addition to fairly okay effect.




Star of Altria

NormalApply Guts (1 time, restore 1HP) & increase Debuff Resist by 5%
Max LimitApply Guts (1time, restore 1HP) & increase Debuff Resist by 10%

Saber Wars event

How to use

Use case is specifically for stacking damage bonuses for saber wars event. Outside of Saber Wars, Star of Altria will only see use as a provider for GUTS status. It's best used on Servants that have no survivability tools and could use the bonus from the included 500/2000 ATK bonus. Berserkers for example could find use for this card. Otherwise, it is advised to look at other Guts effect CEs


Work in progress...

Best Servants

Servants who could use Star of Atria to its maximum effect are heroes who have built in debuff resistance boosts already. Whether its from class skills or from their personal skills, the 10% to be gained from Star of Altria can at least help bolster the bonus to something meaningful. In terms of Guts, servants like Heracles can make use of Guts as well as the debuff resistance to extend his presence on the field for even 1 turn longer alongside his own Battle Continuation skill.

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I do like the skill recommendations to upgrade first in the way you explain things.
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