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update 20/03/2018

Battle Outline

1/3Elite Altonian x340Lancer87,922
2/3Super God Herc (Heracles)60Berserker324,945
3/3Space Super Dragon Zaxon50Lancer400,351
Galactera (Altera)80Saber1,068,025


Battle 1

  • This battle is rather simple, use it for gathering NP.

Battle 2

  • You need to take out Heracles and fast, since he's a Berserker and able to Guts himself. Use all your generated NP, and if necessary, tank on his single strikes. It's all right if your Tank perishes.
  • In case he's able to activate his Guts, remember that the same rules apply to dying enemies when arranging command cards. Swapping between servant command cards and Noble Phantasm cards in the queue will still allow you to defeat him in the same turn if his remaining HP is within striking distance.

Battle 3

  • This battle can be difficult since while the Dragon is weak against Sabers, Altera is not (but at least she's not strong against it). And both of them have devastating AOE attacks. Bringing out Archers to deal with Altera means that the Dragon will ravage the Archers.

Strategies and Recommended Servants

  • Despite the weakness against the Dragon, bring Archers with single-target NP to your team regardless, but put them on the back row until the Dragon is eliminated.
  • David works extremely well here, since not only he can heal the party, he can protect them from Altera's NP. As stated, only get him out after you defeat the dragon.
  • You can utilize Siegfried and his dragon-slaying to quickly take out the dragon. Be careful that Altera can devastate him quickly despite his high HP.
  • While tanks are mostly futile in the last battle, it'll still help to bring a tank in the waves before, especially against Heracles.

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