[US] 5th Singularity: E Pluribus Unum

[JP] Saber Wars Rerun

[JP] 12M Downloads Campaign

[US] 5th Singularity: E Pluribus Unum

[TW] Onigashiama event

Setsubun event

Da Vinci event

Saber Wars

[JP] Christmas 2017 (Dec 15 ~ 25)

Event servants

Event craft essences

[JP] Sub-Singularity IV: Salem

[EN] 4th Singularity: London (Dec 19 ~)


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Idon't have much problem regarding her np gain, with her triple arts deck, she'll be ab...
I try to get the 30-day sq. and it doesn’t appear, it was 40 and it doesn’t appear is...
This guy has cool start-up FGO accounts and low prices! У него крутые стартовые аккаунты и низкие...
Girl go back to school day want no or yes
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