Christmas event: Merry Christmas from the Underworld [JP 2017]

Fate Grand Order Christmas 2017 event, JP server, Ereshkigal, farming, how to beat, event guide.
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update 11/12/2017


General Information

As with all other Christmas events, Merry Christmas from the Underworld is a lottery-based Event, meaning that players will have to farm four types of materials instead of the usual three - Snow Babies, Corpse Bells, Hollow Candles, and Sands of the Underworld, the last of which is used for the event lottery.

The lottery contains Attila the San(ta)’s ascension materials - Santa’s Moustaches - and the War God Exchange ticket, which is required to get the first Attila copy. As with other events, it is recommended to aim for event Craft Essences first.

Period (UTC)Dec 15 - Dec 25
Reward servantAttila the San(ta)
Reward CE
Merry Sheep
Event shopBizarre Godly WineCursed Beast CholecystHeart of the Foreign GodBloodstone TearLamp of Demon SealingPrimordial LanugoKotan MagatamaMeteor HorseshoeChains of the FoolNight-Weeping Iron PileCaster MonumentBerserker MonumentLancer MonumentCaster PieceBerserker PieceLancer Piece
Event servantIshtarEnkiduJeanne d’Arc (Alter) (Santa Lily)UshiwakamaruArturia Pendragon (Santa Alter)MerlinGilgamesh (Caster)Paracelsus Van HohenheimMashu KyrielightMedusa (Lancer)Jaguar ManMusahibou BenkeiLeonidasAltera
Event CE
(Drop +)
Starry NightsParty TimeSnow Pirates

Event Tips

Quests and Farming

As of the 18th of December, the following stages can be considered to be the best farming spots:

lv. 65 Free Quest (Riders): Corpse Bells
lv. 70 Free Quest (Casters): Snow Babies
lv. 75 Free Quest (Berserkers): Hollow Candles

Although all quests drop Sands of the Underworld, there is no single quest where it is the only drop; as such, it is better to focus on farming the other items at the moment.


2 Sands of the Underworld can be used to perform one lottery roll, while 20 Sands can be used to perform ten. For the first to tenth pool, there is a ‘Grand Prize’ in the lottery - after obtaining the ‘Grand Prize’, it is possible to reset the pool immediately. From the eleventh pool onwards, the player has to completely deplete the current pool in order to reset, and no more Golden or Silver apples can be obtained.

[NOTE: It is highly recommended to finish at least the first five boxes, as Attila couldn’t be obtained otherwise]

Farming (Free Quests)

Enemy & item drop

Event Item Drop:
Sand of the Underworld​ Corpse Bell Hollow Candle
Item Drop:
Evil Bone Hero's Proof Gem of Archer Archer Piece
Event Item Drop:
Sand of the Underworld​ Corpse Bell Snow Baby
Item Drop:
Ghost Lantern Gem of Assassin Assassin Piece
Event Item Drop:
Sand of the Underworld​ Hollow Candle Snow Baby
Item Drop:
Serpent Jewel Gem of Caster Magic Gem of Caster Caster Piece

Event Item Drop:
Sand of the Underworld​ Hollow Candle Corpse Bell
Item Drop:
Warhorse's Immature Horn Meteor Horseshoe Gem of Lancer Magic Gem of Lancer Lancer Monument

Event Item Drop:
Sand of the Underworld​ Snow Baby Corpse Bell
Item Drop:
Dragon's Reverse Scale Dragon Fang Gem of Rider Magic Gem of Rider Rider Monument

Event Item Drop:
Sand of the Underworld​ Snow Baby Hollow Candle
Item Drop:
Lamp of Demon Sealing Forbidden Page Magic Gem of Caster Secret Gem of Caster Caster Monument

Event Item Drop:
Sand of the Underworld​ Hollow Candle
Item Drop:
Spirit Root Octuplet Crystals Gem of Berserker Magic Gem of Berserker Secret Gem of Berserker Berserker Monument

Event Item Drop:
Sand of the Underworld​ Corpse Bell
Item Drop:
Heart of the Foreign God Seed of Yggdrasil Kotan Magatama Magic Gem of Assassin Secret Gem of Assassin Assassin Monument

Event Item Drop:
Sand of the Underworld​ Snow Baby
Item Drop:
Bizarre Godly Wine Phoenix Feather Magic Gem of Archer Secret Gem of Archer Archer Monument
Grit Collecting
Sevent Gate Abyssal Christmas
(砂集め 第七の門 深淵なるクリスマス)
Event Item Drop:
Merry Sheep Sand of the Underworld​
Item Drop:
Primordial Lanugo Stinger of Certain Death Gem of Saber Magic Gem of Saber Saber Monument
Secret Party
Event Item Drop:
Snow Baby​
Item Drop:
Evil Bone

Event CEs & servants (drop +)

Event servants

Drop +Event servants
Snow BabyIshtar Enkidu Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) (Santa Lily) Ereshkigal Attila the San(ta) Ushiwakamaru
Corpse BellMerlin Gilgamesh (Caster) Mashu Kyrielight Paracelsus Van Hohenheim
Hollow CandleAltera Medusa (Lancer) Jaguar Man Leonidas Musahibou Benkei

Christmas 2017 Pickup Summon

Pickup Servants

Dec 15 -18Ereshkigal
Dec 19 - 20Ereshkigal Altera
Dec 21 - 22Altera
Dec 23 - 25Ereshkigal
Event DurationGilgamesh (Caster) Medusa (Lancer) Ushiwakamaru

Pickup CEs

Pickup Craft Essences
Starry NightsParty TimeSnow Pirates


Okay. Headcount. I can't be the only one salty over them locking this event behind Babylonia.
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Salty Gudao Reply
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Ur-Thor Reply

HA! Made it. cleaned out most of the materials in rewards trade shop. Except for some Daruma trades and the class idols. Got San[Ta] and all her power-ups too haha.

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