Servant Rank Up Quests (NA)

Fate Grand Order. JP equivalent: Servant Strengthening Quest.
[US] Fate Grand Order
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update 02/05/2018

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  • Each days, a Rank Up Quest for a certain Servant will be unlocked.
  • Completing it yields a new Skill or an upgrade to an existing Skill. In addition of that, player will also receive a Saint Quartz.
  • The Quests will be added permanently, not in a limited time
  • To access the Quest, the player must have the corresponding Servant with their Ascension Level at 4.
  • Access the Quest from Chaldea Gate

Part Two

PeriodMay 1 - 7
Unlock dateServantRank Up RewardDetails
May 1Gilles De Rais (Saber)
Gilles De Rais (Saber)
Unlock Skill
Prelati's Rage B
Increases Buster Card Effectiveness for yourself (5 turns)
May 2Gilles de Rais
Gilles de Rais
Unlock Skill
Evil Eye of the Abyss C
Inflict Fear for all enemies (5 turns)
(Fear:Chance to apply Stun for an enemy each turn, debuff removed when stunned)
May 3Jing Ke
Jing Ke
Unlock Skill
Audacious A
Increases Quick Card Effectiveness & Critical Strength for yourself (1 turns)
May 4Alexander
Unlock Skill
Signs of a King A
Increases Quick Card Effectiveness for all allies (3 turns)
May 5Medusa
Unlock Skill
Blood Fort Andromeda B
Increases NP Gauge (20%) & NP Gain for yourself (3 turn)
May 6Lu Bu
Lu Bu
Unlock Skill
Chaotic Ruthless Hero A
Increases NP Damage & C.Star Gather Rate for yourself (1 turn). [Demerit] Reduces all allies' DEF except yourself (1 turn)
May 7Mephistopheles
Unlock Skill
Clown's Laughter A+
Inflicts Buff Block (3 times) & Curse (5 turns) for an enemy

Part One

PeriodFeb 1 - Feb 7
Unlock dateServantRank Up RewardDetails
Feb 1Spartacus
Skill Upgrade
Honor of Suffering B -> B+
Increases HP Recovery per turn amount.
Feb 2Eric Bloodaxe
Eric Bloodaxe
Skill Upgrade
Supporting Curse C -> C+
Increases DEF reduction percentage.
Feb 3Charles-Henri Sanson
Charles-Henri Sanson
Skill Upgrade
Medicine A -> A+
New effect: Removes all debuffs for targeted ally
Feb 4Musashibou Benkei
Musashibou Benkei
Unlock Skill
Blank Subscription List
Chance to inflict NP Seal for all enemies (1 turn)
Feb 5Leonidas
Unlock Skill
Warrior's War Cry B
Increase Buster Card effectiveness for all allies
Feb 6Boudica
Unlock Skill
Andraste's Divine Protection A
Increase Arts Card effectiveness for all allies
Feb 7Saint Martha
Saint Martha
Skill Upgrade
Miracle D -> D+
Increases HP Recovery amount.


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