Servant Rank Up Quest 1 (NA)

Fate Grand Order. JP equivalent: Servant Strengthening Quest. Also includes the Three Knights and Four Cavalries/Extra Pickup Summon
[US] Fate Grand Order
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update 30/01/2018

Table of contents

PeriodFeb 1 - Feb 7
  • Each days, a Rank Up Quest for a certain Servant will be unlocked.
  • Completing it yields a new Skill or an upgrade to an existing Skill. In addition of that, player will also receive a Saint Quartz.
  • The Quests will be added permanently, not in a limited time
  • To access the Quest, the player must have the corresponding Servant with their Ascension Level at 4.
  • Access the Quest from Chaldea Gate
Unlock dateServantRank Up Reward
Feb 1Spartacus
Skill Upgrade
Honor of Suffering B -> B+
Feb 2Eric Bloodaxe
Eric Bloodaxe
Skill Upgrade
Supporting Curse C -> C+ (increases Defense)
Feb 3Charles-Henri Sanson
Charles-Henri Sanson
Skill Upgrade
Medicine A -> A+ (Removes debuff from one ally)
Feb 4Musashibou Benkei
Musashibou Benkei
Unlock Skill
Blank Subscription List
Feb 5Leonidas
Unlock Skill
Warrior's War Cry B
Feb 6Boudica
Unlock Skill
Andraste's Divine Protection A
Feb 7Saint Martha
Saint Martha
Skill Upgrade
Miracle D -> D+

Pickup Summon

The Three Knights/The Four Cavalries & EXTRA Pickup Summon Period

PeriodFeb 1 - Feb 8
  • This is similar to the JP-based Class-Based Summoning Campaign, only with earlier Servant pool and their classes mixed together.
  • For each of the day, a pickup banner featuring Servants of the corresponding classes will be featured.
  • The Servants that can be pulled from the banner are Servants based on the corresponding class
  • Knight Classes are Saber, Archer and Lancer
  • Cavalry Classes are Rider, Caster, Assassin and Berserker
  • Extra Class for now consist only of Ruler.
  • Only non-Limited Servants are featured
  • UTC Timezone
Pickup PeriodPickup Lineup
Feb 1 04:00 - Feb 3 03:59 UTC The Three Knights
Feb 3 04:00 - Feb 5 03:59 UTC The Four Cavalries & EXTRA
Feb 5 04:00 - Feb 7 03:59 UTC The Three Knights
Feb 7 04:00 - Feb 8 03:59 UTC The Four Cavalries & EXTRA

Pickup Servants

The Pickup Servants will be separated based on classes, and in the corresponding days, only Servants of that class are available within the pool.


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