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Leonidas is unique among other Taunters as his 3-turns Taunt and defense up is built-in to his Noble Phantasm, while his Taunt skill only gives him a 1-turn Taunt and an NP gain buff. Combined with his single-Arts deck, this makes him a trickier Servant to use, as he relies on getting hit to fill his NP gauge. On the other hand, being a Noble Phantasm, the performance of his Taunt is largely unaffected by skill cooldowns. Aside from these, his Noble Phantasm also produces a good amount of stars, which can be used to maximize his allies’ damage, or to refill his own NP gauge.

[JP-Only] He has the ability to support his allies’ Buster card performance, making him a solid partner for Buster-heavy Berserkers.


  • Leonidas’ biggest asset (Noble Phantasm) is unaffected by cooldowns.
  • His Noble Phantasm provides stars, which helps offensive Servants.


  • The trickiness of using him makes his Taunt less reliable sometimes.
  • Lack of Arts cards means that he has to rely on the enemies’ hit count to fill NP gauge.

Strategies & Tips

Leonidas is best used against Servants with high hitcount, such as Gilgamesh. As with all Taunters, it is recommended to pair him with a Berserker. Use his Taunt skill only when trying to fill his NP gauge, although an exception may be made in dire situations. His Battle Continuation also helps to make sure that he does not die during that one turn, as the skill has no defensive buff.

Best Servants to Work with

All Berserkers
Being a Taunter, Leonidas is naturally used along Berserkers. Due to his tricky usage, however, it is preferable that the Berserker has some kind of survival skill for situations where you fail to charge Leonidas’ NP in time.

Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Liang
Provides defensive buffs as well as NP charge, which helps Leonidas tremendously in his role.
Hans Christian Andersen
Hans’ Noble Phantasm allows Leonidas to survive longer, especially in crucial turns. Hans’ Rapid Casting makes it so the lesser number of Arts cards does not affect his performance much. Aside from these, Hans’ critical star generation and critical buff also synergizes with Thermopylae Enomotia’s star producing effect.

Best CEs

Iron-Willed Training
Iron-Willed Training
Helps Leonidas to not die randomly, as well as an overall damage reduction.
Prisma Cosmos
Prisma Cosmos
Helps his NP gauge gain, which allows Leonidas to Taunt more often.
Holy Shroud of Magdalene
Holy Shroud of Magdalene
When fighting males, it gives a better defense buff than Iron-Willed Training.

Max Bond Level CE

work in progress



Hidden Stats

NP Charge (ATK)1.07%
NP Charge (DEF)4%
Star Weight89
Star Rate11.8%
Death Resist32%
AlignmentLawful, Good
TraitsHumanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish, King

Noble Phantasm

Thermopylae Enomotia is a unique Noble Phantasm that applies a 3-turn Taunt as well as a defense buff [scales with Overcharge] to Leonidas. Additionally, it also produces critical stars, the amount of which scales to the Noble Phantasm level. This NP is Leonidas’ primary Taunt, and thus should be spammed as much as possible. It is generally recommended to use his NP last when performing NP chain to increase the defense buff he gets.

Thermopylae Enomotia ()

Draws attention of all enemies to self for 3 turns.
Gain critical stars.
[Overcharge]Increases own defense for 3 turns.

LvlStars +ChargeDefense +


Upgrade Priority

Pride of the Rearguard A
This skill grants a 1-turn Taunt to Leonidas, as well as a huge NP gain buff. It is primarily meant to help fill his NP gauge; however, it can also be used during emergencies. Level this skill first for the buff percentage increase and cooldown reduction.

Battle Continuation A
Battle Continuation functions to ensure Leonidas’ survival in crucial turns, such as the enemy’s Noble Phantasm turn or when he has Pride of the Rearguard active. Level this skill the last.

Warrior’s War Cry B

This skill grants a Buster card buff to the whole party, allowing Leonidas to assist his allies’ damage. However, while important, this skill is not as vital to Leonidas’ tanking role compared to Pride of the Rearguard. Level this skill for the percentage increase.

Pride of the Rearguard A

Pride of the Rearguard A

Available from the start
Draws attention of all enemies to self for 1 turn.
Increases own NP generation rate for 3 turns.

LvlNP Rate +Cooldown

Battle Continuation A

Battle Continuation A

Unlocks after 1st Ascension
Grants self guts status for 5 turns.

LvlRevives withCooldown
11000 HP9
21150 HP9
31300 HP9
41450 HP9
51600 HP9
61750 HP8
71900 HP8
82050 HP8
92200 HP8
102500 HP7

Warrior's War Cry B

Warrior's War Cry B

Unlocks after Strengthening Quest
Increases party's Buster card performance for 3 turns.

LvlBuster Up +Cooldown

Class Skills

Magic Resistance CMagic Resistance C
Increases own resistance to debuffs by 15%.

Command Cards


Leonidas’ QQABB deck is the worst part of his kit. The single Arts card makes it hard for him to create Arts chains, thus severely limiting the benefit he gets from Pride of the Rearguard’s NP gain buff. His Quick cards’ low hitcount doesn’t help either, though on the brighter side, the double Buster cards allow him to set up NP Buster Brave chains when combined with Thermopylae Enomotia, which would deal a decent amount of damage.

NP Gain


Bond Level

LvlExp RequiredTotal Exp

Skill Enhancement Materials

LvlQP CostMaterials
1 → 220,000Shining Gem of Lancesx3 (Shining Gem of Lances)
2 → 340,000Shining Gem of Lancesx6 (Shining Gem of Lances)
3 → 4120,000Magic Gem of Lancesx3 (Magic Gem of Lances)
4 → 5160,000Magic Gem of Lancesx6 (Magic Gem of Lances)
Shadow Servantx5 (Shadow Servant)
5 → 6400,000Secret Gem of Lancesx3 (Secret Gem of Lances)
Shadow Servantx10 (Shadow Servant)
6 → 7500,000Secret Gem of Lancesx6 (Secret Gem of Lances)
Talon of Chaosx2 (Talon of Chaos)
7 → 81,000,000Talon of Chaosx3 (Talon of Chaos)
Snake Jewelx3 (Snake Jewel)
8 → 91,200,000Snake Jewelx8 (Snake Jewel)
Pumpkin Headx36 (Pumpkin Head)
9 → 102,000,000Crystallized Lore​x1 (Crystallized Lore​)

Ascension Materials

AscensionQP CostMaterials
1st15,000Lancer Piecex3 (Lancer Piece)
2nd45,000Lancer Piecex6 (Lancer Piece)
Talon of Chaosx3 (Talon of Chaos)
3rd150,000Lancer Monumentx3 (Lancer Monument)
Shadow Servantx10 (Shadow Servant)
Octuplet Twin Crystalsx3 (Octuplet Twin Crystals)
4th450,000Lancer Monumentx6 (Lancer Monument)
Octuplet Twin Crystalsx5 (Octuplet Twin Crystals)
Pumpkin Headx18 (Pumpkin Head)

Merry Christmas from the Underworld event

Other Servants


As someone who's full-grailed him, I don't think this article does him justice at all. His NP gain is completely ludicrous with any decent rank in his first skill, and it lasts for a long time for how powerful it is. At NP5, he also generates a fantastic number of stars with an NP he can fire off very often and reliably, which gives him a lot of synergy with star casters and crit cannons. I love sticking him with Andersen and Lancelot and just watching everything melt.
<< Anonymous(Raven)
Raven Reply
That is to say, equipping him with Halloween Petite Devil. Alternatively, LB'd Divine Banquet is great. I give Nightingale Fragments or her Bond CE, and Jeanne uses Victor from the Moon or Fragments, depending on Nightingale. Sans Nightingale, Andersen is probably my favorite support for him.

Mashu is also really nice as a 4th, since he's guaranteed to be the one to die first if anyone does.
<< Anonymous(Raven)
Galen Reply
Thanks for the info. As I'm a NA player, Nightingale isn't available yet, but I do have some decent burst healing on a couple of characters, so I'll look into adding him my group, as I'm a little light on Lancers.
<< Anonymous(Galen)
Raven Reply
Ah, for NA I strongly recommend using him with Andersen and Lancelot. Lancelot fires the crits, Andersen provides the heals and some Arts cards, Leonidas keeps them from getting kicked around. Honestly, though, he can work well with just about any 2 support/1 cannon system, long as he's got the heals.
<< Anonymous(Raven)
Galen Reply
I was lucky enough to get Tamamo no Mae during her introduction and Vlad recently. Vlad does very, very nice damage, but tends to get hurt even faster than Tamamo can heal, even with her Fox's Wedding ability maxed. I am hoping that Leonidas can help with that, especially against single target NPs.
Thanks for the info Raven.
If you max his first skill then NP gain problem is thing of the past. He can get into 100% NP using ABQ/AQQ chain and a single art crit can shoot his NP bar to 100%.

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