Street Choco Maid

FGO Street Choco Maid, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
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update 10/07/2017

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Street Choco Maid




Street Choco Maid

NormalIncrease Arts Card effectiveness by 10%
Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 10%
Increase HP Recovery amount by 20%
Max LimitIncrease Arts Card effectiveness by 15%
Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 15%
Increase HP Recovery amount by 30%

How to use


Street Choco-Maid actually gives a rather good combination of increase in Quick and Arts cards performance, in addition of increased received healing. Both Quick/Arts based Servants will come to appreciate this, and combined with a healer nearby, it will make the holder of this CE feel really good to use.

There are other Quick-Arts based CE in the future and they offer other utilities in exchange. However, this CE has amongst the highest card performance values.

Best Servants

While both Quick or Arts Servants benefit from this, the Servants with the QQAAB deck will benefit this the most (having a non-Buster NP will also greatly increase the benefits, but even a Buster NP can still reap the benefits of fast charging). There are a lot of QQAAB Riders, so this Servant class will often want this CE. However, other classes, as long as they have the same deck, can also benefit this well.

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