Piece of Year 2030 (A Fragment of 2030)

FGO Piece of Year 2030, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
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update 24/11/2017

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Piece of Year 2030
Rating9.0 / 10

Highly versatile CE as it can be equipped by both attackers or supports to increase the critical stars gain of the party. Best to be used in a party that focuses on dealing critical damage.




Piece of Year 2030

NormalGain 8 Critical Stars each turn for yourself
Max LimitGain 10 Critical Stars each turn for yourself

How to use

A very good CE to use if you want to provide additional critical stars support to the party by obtaining a fixed amount of eight critical stars every turn regardless whether the user attacks or not during that turn. Therefore, it is suitable to be equipped by any servants even those with a low stars generation rate to act as a critical star supplier. Together with other means of generating critical stars using skills such as Jeanne’s Revelation skill, the supply of critical stars is quite stable for your servants with high star absorption to feed on.

Best Servants

Servants that are fit to be equipped with this CE are usually those with a support role or semi-attacker that does not have much damage output on their own. Therefore, they could compensate for the lack of raw damage by providing a steady stream of critical stars every turn.

Other Craft Essences

By effect type

Max Bond CE


Why would you put this CE on offensive servants, it has no damage boost and doesn't provide any attack stat either.

To utilize 2030 the team comp should be:

Support 1 with 2030 + Support 2 with 2030 + Main attacker ( the main attacker should have highest start absorption in the team)

Also servant with start gen ability like Hans, Merlin, Marie Caster could replace one of the two 2030 holders.

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