Snake Jewel (Serpent Jewel)

Fate Grand Order Snake Jewel (Serpent Jewel), farming, how to farm, how to get, location.
[JP] Fate Grand Order
Fate/Apocrypha Event: Inheritance of Glory Guide
update 09/09/2017

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Serpent Jewel


Babylonia: Marshland

7th Singularity Babylonia: Marshland free quest is the best AP-saving & time-saving location to farm Serpent Jewel. You'll get about 2~3x Serpent Jewel by spending 210AP.


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there any site that has a JP tier list in english? (detailed, not
Just write your own guide lol. You're complaining to a wall. If you do, you will soon realis...
when did rider maid altria become a 4 star? this list is serious problematic and dumb in every way
Out of her tier is what they mean
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