Victor from the Moon

FGO Victor from the Moon, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
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update 10/07/2017

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Victor from the Moon
Rating9.0 /10

Great CE choice for servants with high amount of buster cards with the ability to deal critical damage as well.




Victor from the Moon

NormalIncrease your Buster Card effectiveness by 10% & Critical Strength by 20%
Max LimitIncrease Buster Card effectiveness by 15% & Critical Strength by 25%

How to use


Victor from The Moon offers a performance boost of 10% to Buster cards as well as a 20% Critical damage up. This is THE CE for those damage dealing servants on a Crit Buster teams, as it not only increasing the performance of Buster cards but also boosts your Critical damage as well.

Recommended servants

Servants who deals a ton of damage using their buster cards like Jeanne D’arc (alter), Heracles and Lancelot (Berserker) to name a few. However, in order to get the Critical damage up effect we have to ensure that the servant we equip this CE on has a way to get Crit stars.

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When it increases the bond is it only for one or all
Jalter in jp tier list b rank wtf?, missing oda nobunaga archer and nursery rhyme.
Missing medea, leonidas and jekkyll dudes.
Despite the demerits, the buffs are really strong. Scathach being better than Tamamo is really un...
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