Stinger of Certain Death

Fate Grand Order Stinger of Certain Death, farming, how to farm, how to get, location.
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update 07/09/2017

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Stinger of Certain Death


Babylonia (7th Singularity): Reed Fields

Babylonia: Reed Fields (Free Quest) is the best AP-saving & time-saving location to farm Stinger of Certain Death. You'll get around 6x Dragon Fang by spending 210 AP.

AP, Bond Point, QP, EXP

AP Cost21
Bond Point 775
EXP 21,256


1Mushussu x355Lancer 28,764
2Mushussu x358Lancer 37,864
3Mushussu x175Lancer 122,015
Mushussu x266Lancer 86,034


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Discrepancy between drop rate and gather rate on her third skill. Fix?
Doesn't have the highest ATK out of 4* archers. That goes to Asagami Fujino. Fix?
It should be that you will be abole to get eny 4 star servint in the tutorial summing not includi...
This is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. By your logic, the only high tier serv...
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