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update 15/07/2017


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Sub-Singularity IV: Salem

Nov 29

Chrsitmas event

Dec 1 - Dec 11

Chrsitmas 2016 event rerun

Thanksgiving celebration summon
Until Dec 1 3:59

11M downloads celebration pickup summon
Until Dec 6 12:59

Thanksgiving pickup summon
Until Dec 1 3:59

Salem New Servants

[US] Thanksgiving Celebration Summon!

Period (UTC)Until 12/1 3:59

[US] Thanksgiving pickup summon

Period (UTC)Until 12/1 3:59

[JP] 11M downloads celebration pickup summon

Period (JST)Until 12/6 12:59



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Where are the others 4* servants from the NA version?
I got the bucket but can't use them, can i keep them even after the events?
Wtf is doing gintoki here why has he kin hair ??? Lol
Mostly their skills. While Scathach has a chance on her first ability, Tamamo has demerits on her...
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