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update 08/05/2018
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Battle Outline

Musashibou Benkeix1Lancer80174,176
Amakusa Shiroux1Ruler90
  • Phase 1: 270,854
  • Phase 2: 303,300
Saint Georgex1Rider80251,781
Sakata Kintokix1Berserker80201,942


This battle is a single-phase endurance battle against the scrapped Apocrypha Servants and Amakusa Shiro. The scrapped Servants are played more straightforward and normal although they have extremely high stats, while Amakusa is supporting them and can prove to be a threat on his own.

Amakusa Skills

Amakusa has all his skills as seen in his page. In addition, he gains additional skills.

Phase 1

During the beginning of the battle, Amakusa will increase both the ATK and DEF (3 turns) of both of his allies. Afterwards, he can do the same for only one ally and at cost of 1 Charge bar. He retains this after breaking into Phase 2.

Phase 2

On entering Phase 2, Amakusa will set a Death Timer buff on himself. On dying, he will grant a permanent increased DEF and 100% Critical Hit Rate for his allies.

Strategies and Recommended Servants


  • You will want to either concentrate on the Servants before Amakusa so he'll end up wasting his bonus buffs for nothing.
  • As always, be wary that Amakusa's NP is a party-wide NP that removes buffs before inflicting damage, so Evade/Invincibility will not help you.
  • Alternatively, you can arrange your priority into this: David->Amakusa->Kintoki->Georgios->Benkei.
    • David is out first because he's able to sustain and grant his team Evade, and being an Archer, his NP fires off the quickest (3 charges).
    • Amakusa is second since this alternate strategy is about eliminating him as quick as possible so you don't have to worry for his buff-removing NP, and wasting his buffs for two of the least offensive Servants.
    • Kintoki is third because he's the most damaging Servant in the team and the quickest to go down since he's not having Amakusa's buffs and is of the Berserker class
    • Georgios is fourth because he has a damaging NP and is a threat to your Caster.
    • Benkei is the least threatening, so he goes down the last. But be careful that at that point, he's been buffed with Amakusa's buffs.

Recommended Servants

  • No matter how much the stacks are against Caster supports, you should still bring them to better support your team.
  • Servants that can decrease Amakusa's attack or NP Strength are recommended since he can't remove his own debuffs by his NP (and this is why you take out David first no matter what, he can remove the debuffs)
  • If you're planning to wipe out Amakusa last, put an Avenger in the back row. Jeanne Alter is good for dealing raw damage, but Shinjuku Avenger (Hessian Lobo) can work due to not only resisting Amakusa's damage, but also being able to decrease his own attack.
  • At times, you may want to still bring a taunter in order to avert the other Servants' NP which are mostly Single Target damages. David's NP can ignore Evade, however. So try to have your damage prevention buff being Invincibility
  • It's recommended to have your main damage dealers, aside of Avengers, being of Lancers and Assassins, since with the exception of Sakata Kintoki, they will be mostly resistant to the enemy classes and dealing extra damage on them.
  • Of all the Servants, Sakata Kintoki has the Divine trait, so if you have someone with anti-Divine skills, you can quicken the process to defeat him, since he'll also be the enemy's greatest damage dealer.
  • For enemy Servants that have been buffed by Amakusa's Death Timer buff, you may want Servants that can decrease Critical Hit Rate.

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