Kara no Kyoukai (The Garden of sinners) Event Rerun [JP]

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update 11/02/2018

Kara no Kyoukai event (JP Rerun)

The Kara no Kyoukai event rerun on the JP server has been announced! For general event information, check here.

Event DurationMid Feb 2018
Reward servantRyougi Shiki (Assassin)
Event shopBeheading Bunny 2016Cursed Beast CholecystClaw of ChaosPhoenix FeatherSecret Gem of SaberSecret Gem of ArcherSecret Gem of LancerSecret Gem of RiderSecret Gem of CasterSecret Gem of AssassinSecret Gem of BerserkerTriple Bounded FieldBloodstone TearGhost LanternEternal GearMagic Gem of SaberMagic Gem of ArcherMagic Gem of LancerMagic Gem of RiderMagic Gem of CasterMagic Gem of AssassinMagic Gem of BerserkerBlack Cat FigurineSummer PrecognitionRefrainVoid's DustNight-Weeping Iron PileGem of SaberGem of ArcherGem of LancerGem of RiderGem of CasterGem of AssassinGem of BerserkerStrawberry Ice Cream
Event Experience CEKuji Kanesada
Event CE (Enemy +)Beheading Bunny 2016Triple Bounded FieldSummer PrecognitionRefrain
Event CE
(Drop +)
Grand Puppet MasterMature GentlemanBrilliant War DancerMystic Eyes of DistortionRepeat MagicSprinter

Mission Difference

The re-run event modified certain missions and rewards. The original missions can be seen in the original page here.

Room 602 now contains Undeads.

Four ★4 HP Fous can be bought in the Event Shop, costing 2x150 Black Cat Figurines, 1x150 Strawberry Ice Cream and 1x150 Mineral Water. In addition, new materials have been added to the shop.

With these changes, the total amounts of items required to clean shop are modified:

  • 3,600 Black Cats
  • 3,050 Strawberry Ice Creams
  • 3,750 Mineral Waters

The rest of the changes are as follows:

28Defeat 20 Male ServantsSaber Monument x5
30Defeat 40 Male Servants4★ ATK Fou. x1
32Defeat 20 Female ServantsLancer Monument x5
34Defeat 40 Female Servants4★ ATK Fou. x1
49Defeat 10 RapunzelsRyougi Shiki (Assassin)
Ryougi Shiki (Assassin)
54Defeat 10 Chaotic ServantsRider Piece x5
55Defeat 20 Chaotic ServantsBerserker Piece x5
56Defeat 30 Chaotic ServantsAssassin Monument x5
57Defeat 40 Chaotic Servants4★ ATK Fou. x1
65Clear every rooms on the 8th floor4★ ATK Fou. x1
72Clear every rooms except Room 804Saint Quartz x1
84Collect 100 Mineral WatersSaber Piece x5
85Collect 500 Mineral Waters6,000,000 QP
86Collect 100 Strawberry Ice CreamsLancer Piece x5
87Collect 500 Strawberry Ice Creams6,000,000 QP
88Collect 100 Black Cat FigurinesAssassin Piece
89Collect 500 Black Cat Figurines6,000,000 QP

Challenge Quest

RequirementClear Main Event Quest and Salomon
RewardCrystallized Lore

Kara no Kyoukai Rerun Pickup Summon

Kara no Kyoukai event (JP Rerun) summoning campaign


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