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update 02/05/2018

Antonio Salieri is currently unavailable on the Global ver.



Antonio Salieri is the first addition to the roster of Silver Avengers. As a newcomer it might seem rather difficult to set a standard, but thankfully Antonio does very fine, and is able to perform very well without being too broken.


  • Has the 2nd highest raw effective stats among all Silvers
  • Can deal good crit damage when buffed by own skills
  • Has great overall NP gain due to passives
  • Has good NP damage
  • Is able to generates stars per turn
  • NP lowers enemies’ Arts Resistance
  • Maxing his skills is relatively cheap due to not requiring any class stones


  • Lacks any sort of survival skill
  • Has the lowest HP stats among all Silvers
  • Has no star absorption skills
  • Being a story-locked Servant can make it difficult to NP5 him
  • All of his offensive buffs lasts for only 3 times
  • NP’s debuff is only for a small amount
  • NP lowers team’s star generation rate

Strategy and Tips

Antonio is rather straightforward on the surface--- He powers up his buffs, and uses NPAA chains to hit for pretty good numbers. Being an Arts Servant, he would also be able to naturally regulate his NP usage quite often, achieving good numbers overall. He also has 2 Busters on his kit, which can be used instead of his Arts cards to increase his crit damage further.

With a 3 Arts cards (including NP), a base rate of 0.70% NP gain on attacks, a rate of 6% gain upon getting hit (taking Avenger C’s passive into account), an Arts buff, and a passive 3.3% increase in gauge per turn, Antonio is also able to use his NP quite often, and charge his gauge quite quickly. In fact, if he crits he can recover most of his gauge.
His NP also applies an AOE ARTS Resistance Down, which can boost your team's NP gain and damage on Arts cards decently. It's some decent utility for Arts teams, and with his potential to charge his NP quickly one can stack it to power up his hits and overall NP gain even further.

Aside from his great overall NP gain, Salieri is also able to boast quite the amount of damage, even with having only a small pool of enemy classes to counter. With +1000 Fous, he is able to reach an attack of 9125, which is the highest among all Silvers so far, excluding Lu Bu since the guy deals extra damage to most classes. With the Avenger Class’s 1.1x multiplier in mind, his actual attack stat actually goes for up to 10,037.5, reaching levels extremely close to SRs. This allows him to be a reliable damager, even with the small amount of classes he is able to counter naturally.

To gain an idea on how much he deals, here are a few calculated numbers on his best chains. These calculations are based on +1000 fou stats, maxed skills, and against neutral classes.

  • NPAAEX (crits): 65,475
  • NPAAEX (no crits): 48,266
  • BNPBEX (crits): 72,082

These numbers are quite good, for someone who’s hitting against neutral classes and with only his own buffs.

It seems almost too good to be true, and it fact it is. There’s a few catches to the maestro’s performance that prevent it from being a masterful concert all-around.

  1. 3 TIMES, 5 TURNS

  2. Antonio's skills only last for 3 hits, which means that after using them up, his buffs disappear. They also last for only 5 turns, which prevent them from being stacked. This means that in effect, they would be equivalent to 1 turn buffs that have slight potential for extended use.


  4. Antonio has yet to have had a rate-up, and can only be rolled in the Story Gacha. This makes achieving NP5 quite difficult.


  6. Antonio has no skills that increase his star absorption, and carries a base star weight of 30. This means that even Casters would slightly attract more stars than he would, as they have a base weight of 48.
    His NP also reduces the team's star generation rate as a demerit, which can be somewhat problematic for allies that generate stars through hits. This means that he not only has difficulty absorbing stars, but he can also make it difficult for your team to make him some. This can give him a mighty blow in his consistency, unfortunately.

    The silver lining is the fact that he has Innocent Monster EX, which allows him to generate 10 stars per turn. With this skill, one would have a supply of at least 10 stars every turn for more than half of the time he’s in the field. Still, this means that Antonio’s effectivity would be very dependent on his team’s setup, as one has to place him with allies that can provide him with stars and not steal them from him.


  8. Antonio has 0 survival skills, which means he relies mostly on his teammates to protect him. With only 8840 HP post-fou and 0 survival skills, he probably has the least survivability among all Silvers, surpassed only by Lu Bu once again due to the latter's class. This can be somewhat problematic at times, but thankfully the abundance of Arts supports that can provide him with sustain mitigates it to an extent

That said, despite his difficulties Antonio still is quite a good Servant, and can work well with many allies that can improve his performance. He also still can aid his allies as he deals damage, fitting quite nicely within standard Arts teams.

Noble Phantasm

Antonio’s NP deals pretty impressive damage at NP5, hitting for 22509 against all enemies with his Arts buff in effect. It also debuffs all enemies’ Arts Resistance, which can aid his team’s NP gain on their Arts cards for 3 turns. With his great NP gain using his NP twice within 3 turns or so is quite possible, so a 2nd NP would hit for at least 19046 damage with the Resistance down as its only modifier.

Still, due to the fact he is story-locked, acquiring him can prove to be difficult. As such, here are a few numbers to share how much he would deal at NP1:

  • 13,505 (ARTS up)
  • 10,389 (UNBUFFED)

Best Servants to Work with

Hans Christian Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen
Hans is able to improve Antonio’s survival by granting him sustenance through DEF ups and healing. He’s also able to buff his potential for offense by being able to generate stars with a similar Innocent Monster skill, and by providing him with extra ATK up and Crit damage up buffs.
Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Liang
Waver is able to provide Antonio with some sustain through his DEF up skill, along with buffing his offensive output through a his ATK up/DEF down and Crit damage up. He’s also able to charge his NP gauge directly, which can allow Salieri to use his NP consecutively at a more reliable pace.
Tamamo no Mae
Tamamo no Mae
Tamamo is able to buff Antonio’s Arts cards, boosting his damage and NP gain on his Arts cards even further. She’s also both able to heal him and recharge his NP gauge directly, giving him some slight sustenance and more consistency in damage. She’s also able to reduce his cooldowns, which he can benefit from as he would potentially be able to stack his hit-based Art buff for at least a single hit with the reduction in cooldowns.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
After getting his upgrade, Mozart is able to provide 50 stars instantly, which would allow Salieri to crit effectively for a single turn. He’s also able to debuff his enemies’ ATK and DEF, as well as provide an AOE Arts up for the party. These three buffs can provide Antonio with more chances of survival, along with an increase in his overall potential for damage.
Gilgamesh (Caster)
Gilgamesh (Caster)
Gilgamesh is able to buff Salieri with an ATK up and an Arts up, giving him a considerable increase in damage. He’s also able to buff the Avenger’s DEF through his NP, adding more to his survival. Alongside this, Gilgamesh is also able to buff the party’s stargen by 100%, allowing the entire team to provide Antonio with stars to use.
Merlin is able to grant Antonio with healing and a party-wide invul skill to aid his survival, whilst charging his gauge actively and passively to improve his potential for damage. He’s also able to grant him a number of stars per turn, an ATK up, a Buster up, and a large Crit damage up buff, which can go well with the Avenger’s 2 Buster cards for a great increase in damage.

Best CEs

Increase NP Damage

Salieri would receive a great increase in overall potential damage with a boost to his NP damage. Especially if one considers his potential in using his NP at frequent intervals.

Increase in Arts Performance

Since Antonio’s Arts buff lasts for only 3 hits, a backup buff through a CE can let him hit with a passive boost regardless of whether his buff is in effect or not.

Increase in Crit. Gather Rate

Antonio’s main weakness as a crit damager is his lack of high star absorption. Thus, a CE that improves it can also fix up his overall consistency, making him more reliable in dealing hits.

Max Bond Level CE

Slash-And-Burn Blade
Slash-And-Burn Blade
When equipped on Salieri, Increase Arts Card performance of all allies by 10% and NP damage by 10% while on the field.



Hidden Stats

NP Charge (ATK)0.7%
NP Charge (DEF)5%
Star Weight30
Star Rate6.1%
Death Resist8%
AlignmentChaotic Evil
TraitsServant, Humanoid, Male, Weak to Enuma Elish

Noble Phantasm

Dio Santissimo Misericordia de mi

Deals damage to all enemies
[Demerit] Reduces Party Star Generation by 20% for 3 turns
[Overcharge] Reduces Enemy Arts Resistance for 3 turns

LvlDamage +ChargeArts Res -


Upgrade Priority

Skill Priority: 2/1/3 or 1/2/3

  • Innocent Monster EX

    At max level, this skill creates 10 stars per turn, which is quite useful considering that one can have this skill active for 60% of the time he’s on the field. Since it’s a gain-per-turn type of skill, it can be stacked with other similar skills to provide star support for not only Salieri himself, but for his allies as well. It can also be useful for situations where he’s able to do damage bursts consecutively or in close intervals. The increase in crit damage goes for a decent 30% at max level, but in reality it stacks with his Oblivion Correction B passive for a 38% total increase in crit damage. Still, due to it being available for only 3 times, one would lose the buff once one is able to hit 3 critical hits, which limits the overall amount of use one can benefit from it.

  • Wailing Armor A

    An increase in Arts performance grants Salieri a good increase in damage and NP gain on his 3 Arts cards (including NP). It provides him with his primary buff for his NP, and with also great potential to recharge his NP gauge fast. Along with his other skills, due to its unique nature, even if Antonio is able to recover his NP gauge with an NPAA CRIT Brave chain, his next NP would not have a buff when it hits.

  • Flames of Wildfire B

    This skill allows Salieri to increase his overall damage against a single target. This debuff multiplies with his Arts up and crit damage up buffs directly, granting him a good boost for 3 hits. With this debuff in effect, his NP damage would jump from 22.5k to 29261 to a single target. Although, since his DEF down lasts for only 3 hits, it would not affect his Extra Card in Brave chains, which can give him some losses in overall damage.

Innocent Monster EX

Innocent Monster EX

Available from the start
Gain Critical Stars every turn (3 turns)
Increases own Critical Damage 3 times (5 turns)

LvlStars Regen +Crit Dmg +Cooldown

Wailing Facade A

Wailing Facade A

Unlocks after 1st Ascension
Increases own Arts Performance 3 times (5 turns)

LvlArts +Cooldown

Flames of Slashing and Burning B

Flames of Slashing and Burning B

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension
Reduces enemies' DEF 3 times (5 turns)

LvlDEF -Cooldown

Class Skills

Avenger CAvenger C
Decreases other party members' debuff resistance by 6%.
Increases NP Charge Rate when hit by 16%.
Oblivion Correction BOblivion Correction B
Increases own Critical Damage by 8%.
Self-Replenishment (Magic) CSelf-Replenishment (Magic) C
Gain 3.3% NP Gauge per turn.

Command Cards


A QAABB deck allows Salieri to charge and recharge his NP quite effectively, giving him good potential for consistent damage. While arguably 2 Quicks could have been better for him, having 2 Busters also allow him the option to crit for even more damage.

Bond Level

LvlExp RequiredTotal Exp

Skill Enhancement Materials

LvlQP CostMaterials
1 → 250,000Chains of the Foolx8 (Chains of the Fool)
2 → 3100,000Stinger of Certain Deathx8 (Stinger of Certain Death)
3 → 4300,000Magical Cerebrospinal Fluidx10 (Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid)
4 → 5400,000Phoenix Featherx10 (Phoenix Feather)
5 → 61,000,000Night-Weeping Iron Pilex10 (Night-Weeping Iron Pile)
6 → 71,250,000Stimulus Gunpowderx12 (Stimulus Gunpowder)
7 → 82,500,000Permafrost Ice Crystalx12 (Permafrost Ice Crystal)
8 → 93,000,000Scarab of Wisdomx12 (Scarab of Wisdom)
9 → 105,000,000Crystallized Lore​x (Crystallized Lore​)

Ascension Materials

AscensionQP CostMaterials
1st30,000Void's Dustx8 (Void's Dust)
Evil Bonex8 (Evil Bone)
2nd100,000Forbidden Pagex8 (Forbidden Page)
Eternal Gearx8 (Eternal Gear)
3rd300,000Ghost Lanternx8 (Ghost Lantern)
Lamp of Demon Sealingx8 (Lamp of Demon Sealing)
4th900,000Heart of a Foreign Godx8 (Heart of a Foreign God)
Bloodstone Tearx8 (Bloodstone Tear)

Lostbelt No. 1: Anastasia

Other Servants


Can I just point out the ironic hilarity of Mozart being a recommended support servant for him, considering their actual history regarding each other (and indeed, the entire reason Salieri is even an Avenger-class in F/GO)?
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KrisX_212 Reply
Yes you can.

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