Halloween Princess

FGO Halloween Princess, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
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update 12/10/2017

Is Halloween Princess good?

Halloween Princess

Halloween Princess is a limited craft essence and only available in The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle Pickup Summon.


Rating: 9.0 / 10

With a 50% starting NP when LB’d as well as a NP damage up effect, this CE is highly useful for damage dealers - especially those in possession of NP charge skills - making it a very valuable asset.




Halloween Princess

NormalIncrease your NP Strength by 15% & increase your NP Gauge by 30% at the start of battle
Max LimitIncrease your NP Strength by 20% & increase your NP Gauge by 50% at the start of battle

Event limited effect

For the duration of "FGO Halloween: The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle - Mad Party (JP: 2015, US: 2017)" event, this craft essence gains additional effects. Check the event page for it.

How to use


This CE should be used on a backline Servant, preferably one with defense buffs, or those possessing 1-turn Taunts. It is especially good when used with the Mystic Code Chaldea Battle Suit, due to the fact that the Taunt can be used easily when needed.

Best Servants

Gilgamesh, Altera, Altria Pendragon, and Heracles are Damage Dealers in general.

Other Craft Essences

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Could I get a pic? Would love to see him maxed, to get an idea, as I'm currently at level 90...
Idon't have much problem regarding her np gain, with her triple arts deck, she'll be ab...
This guy has cool start-up FGO accounts and low prices! У него крутые стартовые аккаунты и низкие...
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