Halloween Arrangement

FGO Halloween Arrangement, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
[US] Event
GUDAGUDA Honnoji event!
update 12/10/2017

Is Halloween Arrangement good?

Halloween Arrangement

Halloween Arrangement is a limited craft essence and only available in The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle Pickup Summon.


Rating: 8.0 / 10

This CE is extremely useful for backline Servants, due to the Taunt and the high percentage of defense buff. Applicable it many situations, it even allows Servants with moderate defense buffs to tank Noble Phantasms.




Halloween Arrangement

NormalApply Taunt (1 turn)
for yourself & increase your DEF by 60% (1 turn)
Max LimitApply Taunt (1 turn) for yourself &
increase your DEF by 80% (1 turn)

Event limited effect

For the duration of "FGO Halloween: The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle - Mad Party (JP: 2015, US: 2017)" event, this craft essence gains additional effects. Check the event page for it.

How to use


This CE should be used on a backline Servant, preferably one with defense buffs, or those possessing 1-turn Taunts. It is especially good when used with the Mystic Code Chaldea Battle Suit, due to the fact that the Taunt can be used easily when needed.

Best Servants

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Max Bond CE


Anonymous 26days ago

Leonidas has 3 turns taunt on his NP, 1 turn taunt on his 1st skill. This CE could also be put on Ruler class servants as they take 50% from most enemies.

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