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Is Parvati good?

Parvati (Sakura)

Parvati is currently unavailable on the EN ver.
Parvati is first available in Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Campaign Pickup Summon and available in Story Summon after the campaign.


Parvati’s role is focused around her Noble Phantasm, which, though unupgraded, has great secondary effects - most notably the charm chance. Due to her first skill, her cards (especially her Quick ones) are able to generate high amounts of NP charge, and with her second skill, she is also able to produce a good amount of stars. Her third skill provides some sort of team support function, and additionally, her second skill can also be used defensively if coupled with other defense buffs.

Her biggest weaknesses, however, are her low ATK stat and the fact that her NP is unupgraded, which means that though she has above average buffs as well as the Lancer class’ 1.05 damage modifier, her NP damage will only be average at best if compared to other Servants. This is a rather major problem due to her kit’s focus on her Noble Phantasm. Despite her good critical star generation, she also lacks a critical absorption skill, meaning that she can’t really make use of these stars as reliably.


  • Good NP gain and star generation.
  • Spammable AoE charm.
  • Synergic skillset.


  • Low ATK.
  • Unupgraded NP.
  • No critical absorption skill.
  • Lacks a hard defensive skill, needs additional support to achieve 100% defense up with second skill.

Strategies & Tips

Parvati’s greatest weapon is her Noble Phantasm, which is rather spammable thanks to her skills and her good base NP gain. With it comes her AoE charm, which can often be used to hinder opponents’ moves. However, when she is paired with allies with hard defensive functions (such as Jeanne d’Arc), avoid using her NP on the opponents’ NP turns, in order to not mess the timing. On the other hand, it can also be used to control their NP timings.

Noble Phantasm

Trishula Shakti is an Quick-type damage dealing AoE Noble Phantasm, which has a medium chance to charm all enemies and charges the whole party’s NP gauge. As far as unupgraded Noble Phantasms go, its damage is rather decent - however, it will have trouble competing against other upgraded NPs’ damage.

Still, what it lacks in damage it makes up for with the built-in charm. The 60% charm chance is comparable to Shuten Douji’s charm, and thanks to Parvati’s extraordinary NP gain, this NP is quite easy to spam.

The NP charge feature also aids this advantage, aside from helping the team’s overall performance. As the amount of NP charged increases with Overcharge, this NP is suitable to be utilized in NP chains.

Best Servants to Work with

Servants with party-wide Quick buff

These Servants allow Parvati’s Quick cards to be even more potent, while she provides extra critical stars to be used by the team. Her own NP also aids them in gaining NP somewhat, and some of these Servants are actually able to make good use of the stars she provide.

Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)

Aside from the obvious NP charging aid, El-Melloi’s defense buff helps Parvati reach the 100% defense buff mark. Additionally, he also provides Arts cards to increase the team’s NP gain, and his low critical star weight means Parvati will be able to perform critical hits - which are further augmented by his buffs - more reliably. His own NP’s stun also synergizes well with Parvati’s charm, severely hindering the opponents’ damage.

Gilgamesh (Caster)

Gilgamesh (Caster)’s debuff chance increase works extremely well with Parvati’s own NP, while his critical star generation buff also goes in hand with her kit. The extra Arts first card bonuses also increase her overall NP gain. On the other hand, it is Gilgamesh who will have a slightly harder time in aining NP, though the constant availability of critical stars may mitigate this somewhat. His NP also adds to Parvati’s second skill’s defense buff, allowing her to more easily reach the 100% mark.

Best Craft Essences

NP Damage Up

These CEs cover her greatest weakness, bringing her NP damage to at least a decent level. They should be used in compositions where Parvati is used as a main damage dealer. Additionally, NP damage buffs scale well with her own damage increasing skills due to being of a different type.

Quick Performance Up

These enhance her already-solid Quick cards, even when her first skill is not active. While their effect on her NP damage would be less compared to NP damage ones, this type of CE also increases her Quick cards’ NP gain and critical star generation.

Debuff Rate Increase

Best for situations when she is primarily used to spam her AoE charm. These CEs bring her charm chance to a more reliable level, thereby increasing her usefulness in this regard. However, these come at the cost of reduced damage compared to other types of CE, save probably Burning Love Story (on male opponents).

Other Craft Essences

Max Bond CE

Urvara Nandi
Urvara Nandi
When equipped to Parvati, increase Quick Card effectiveness by 10% & NP Gain by 10% for all allies, while Parvati is on the field.



Hidden Stats

NP Charge (ATK)1.08%
NP Charge (DEF)4%
C. Star Gather Rate90
C. Star Drop Rate11.8%
Death Resist28%
AlignmentLawful, Good
TraitsSky, Female, Servant, Humanoid, Divine, Weak to Enuma Elish

Noble Phantasm

Trishūla Śakti

Deal damage to all enemies
Mid chance to inflict Charm to them (1 turn)
[Overcharge] Increase NP Gauge for all allies

LvlDamage +ChargeNP Gauge +


Upgrade Priority

Priority: 2/1/3

  • Imaginary Around EX

    Increases Parvati’s Quick performance and NP gain for three turns. At 30% each when maxed, while the damage increase is highly appreciated as well, it is especially notable that this skill significantly increases her Quick cards’ NP gain.

  • Ash of Kamadeva EX

    Increases her attack, defense, critical star gain and debuff resistance for one turn. The former two have a magnitude of 50%, while the latter two are 100% at max level. This skill has unusually high percentages, which is even more notable because the attack and star gain buffs work well together with her first skill’s Quick buff.

  • Blessing of the Goddess A+

    This skill can only be used when Parvati has at least 10% NP gauge. It decreases her own NP charge by 10%, and increases an ally’s NP gauge as well as healing them. Due to the NP charge, unlike other similar skills, this skill can be used on herself without affecting her NP availability.

Imaginary Around EX

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness (3 turns) & NP Gain (3 turns)

LvlQuick +NP Gain +Cooldown

Ash of Kāmadeva EX

Increase your ATK, DEF, C. Star Drop Rate, and Debuff Resist (1 turn)

LvlDmg +DEF +C. Star Rate +Debuff Resist +Cool

Blessing of the Goddess A+

(Can be used when your NP Gauge is 10% or above) Decrease your NP by 10%, and increase NP Gauge & HP for a single ally

LvlNP Charge +HealCooldown
110%2000 HP7
211%2100 HP
312%2200 HP
413%2300 HP
514%2400 HP
615%2500 HP6
716%2600 HP
817%2700 HP
918%2800 HP
1020%3000 HP5

Class Skills

Magic Resistance CMagic Resistance C
Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.
Divinity BCore of Goddess B
Apply Damage Plus by 225 for yourself & increase your Debuff Resist by 22.5%.

Command Cards


As with all other similar decks, Parvati’s QQABB deck means that she will have a harder time performing Arts chains. However, in her case, this doesn’t really impair her own NP generation, both due to her good base NP gain, and also thanks to her skillset. The two Buster cards allow her to deal better damage on her Brave chains, especially when performing critical hits.

Skill Enhancement Materials

LvlQP CostMaterials
1 → 2100,000Shining Gem of Lancesx4 Gem (Lacner)
2 → 3200,000Shining Gem of Lancesx8 Gem (Lacner)
3 → 4600,000Magic Gem of Lancesx4 M. Gem (Lancer)
4 → 5800,000Magic Gem of Lancesx10 M. Gem (Lancer))
Warhorse's Immature Hornx3
5 → 62,000,000Secret Gem of Lancesx4
Warhorse's Immature Hornx5
6 → 72,500,000Secret Gem of Lancesx10
Serpent Jewelx4
7 → 85,000,000Serpent Jewelx5
Scarab of Wisdomx2
8 → 96,000,000Scarab of Wisdomx6
Heart of the Foreign Godx8
9 → 1010,000,000Crystallized Lore​x1

Ascension Materials

AscensionQP CostMaterials
1st50,000Lancer Piecex4 (Lancer Piece)
2nd150,000Lancer Piecex10 (Lancer Piece)
Serpent Jewelx5
3rd500,000Lancer Monumentx4 (Lancer Monument)
Warhorse's Immature Hornx5
Lamp of Demon Sealingx3
4th1,500,000Lancer Monumentx10 (Lancer Monument)
Lamp of Demon Sealingx5
Bizarre Godly Winex4

Bond Level

LvlExp RequiredTotal Exp

Costume Change


She changes skin after using NP?
<< Anonymous
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No. its a costume change you unlock with prisms.

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