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update 20/04/2018
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Battle Outline

Nata (Nezha)x1Lancer
  • Phase 1: 254,467
  • Phase 2: 308,039
  • Phase 3: 354,914


The battle might look normal in the first glance, but Nezha actually has several unique buffs throughout the battle, making the fight trickier.

New Skills

During the whole battle, Nezha has an access of all her original skills as seen in her page, and additional ones:

  • Apply Sure-Hit (4 turns) and Evade (1 turn) to self
  • Apply Ignore Invincible (3 turns) and Invincible (2 turns) to self

Phase 1

During Phase 1 (the very beginning of battle), Nezha will gain a Sure-Hit buff for 3 turns.

Phase 2

When Nezha enters the second phase, she will debuff your whole team with multiple debuffs. The debuffs will last for 5 turns, but 3 will be removed each time she is hit with an NP. This can happen 2 times, so hitting her with 2 NPs will completely remove the debuffs.

The debuffs are as follows:

  • Decreases ATK
  • Decreases NP Strength
  • Decreases NP Gain
  • Decreases Critical Strength
  • Decreases Critical Star Drop Rate

Phase 3

When Nezha enters the third phase, she will gain many buffs that will last permanently. However, hitting her with Quick attack will remove one buff.

The buffs are as follows:

  • Increased DEF against NP
  • Increased Critical Strength
  • Negate disadvantage against Saber class
  • Quick normal attacks apply debuff "Decrease overall Critical Stars"
  • Arts normal attacks apply debuff "Decrease NP Gain (3 turns)"
  • Buster normal attacks apply debuff "Decrease ATK (3 turns)"
  • Increased resistance to all attacks

Strategies and Recommended Servants


  • Depending on how you set up your party, you can play out either a long, drawn out battle with your sustain or you can attempt to strike hard as fast as you can.
  • Before her second phase begins, it's recommended to at least stock up NP gauge, so when her mass debuff hit in, you can remove them quickly. You can use deplete her HP, and then continue on with overkill to increase more NP
  • A Berserker is generally not recommended in any case Nezha decided to focus on them, unless they have tools of survival, regardless of the kind of battle you want to execute (drawn out or quick).
  • During Phase 2, you can also use the Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code to swap your debuffed frontline attacker, your backline attacker won't be affected with debuff
  • Do not mind about using Saber as your main damage dealer despite Nezha being able to negate their advantages later, because the negation can be cancelled
  • However, when Nezha reached the last phase, prioritize removing the buffs by attacking her with Quick attacks; in that phase, even a powerful single-target Noble Phantasm will just deal miniscule damage

Recommended Servant

  • Take support Servants that are capable of sustaining your team extremely well in buffs, NP and HP. Zhuge Liang and Tamamo no Mae are good choices for this.
  • Tanks that are capable of raising DEF is recommended as well. Don't depend too much on Taunt or Invincibility, because Nezha can bypass those.
  • As stated, a Saber Servant should be your main damage dealer, and even moreso if they had Single Target NP or have ways to fill it up.
  • Quick-based Servants, regardless of class, can be effective at the third Phase. With the Saber advantage nullified, you need someone with a lot of Quick attacks to remove Nezha's buffs. And even moreso if said Quick Servant is actually a Saber (example: Okita Souji, Bedivere)

Share Your Team!

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Required Info/Screenshot

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