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Event Guide

Quests & Enemies


PeriodAug 17 - 24

The Moon Goddess event is the second major event that comes to the NA version of F/GO following the Nero festival. In this event, players are required to farm for event items known as dangos which have two different types, the normal ones and the special ones.


Moon Dumpling

Special Dumpling

The Moon Dumplings are used to exchange for items from the event shop while the Special Dumplings are required to unlock the storyline for the event. The event storyline will unlock at 10, 40, 100 and 200 Special Dumplings respectively. The extra Special Dumplings that you get can be traded for the normal ones at the event shop.

Event CEs & Dumpling drop bonus

New CEs are also released during this event and by equipping them you are able to increase the amount of Dumplings dropped per battle.

CEDumpling Drop +
How to Get
Moonlight Fest
Moonlight Fest

Increase Dumpling drop amount by 3
(4 when max Limit Break)
Event shop exchange & Event drop
Bathing Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess' Bath

Increase Dumpling drop amount by 100%
(120% when max Limit Break)
Gacha Summon
Moony Jewel
Moony Jewel

Increase Dumpling drop amount by 2
(3 when max LB)
Gacha Summon
Mooncell Automaton
Mooncell Automaton

Increase Dumpling drop amount by 1
(2 when max Limit Break)
Gacha Summon & Given for free after completing the first story quest

Dumpling Farming Guide

The drop rates increase effect from the event CEs is calculated in a way that multiplication is going to be applied first before the additional sum. For example, if you obtained 2 Moon Dumplings from a battle while equipping two +2 CEs and a +100% one, you’re going to get 2 x (1+100%) + 2 + 2 which is equals to 8 Moon Dumplings in total. Therefore, if you are getting 3 Moon Dumplings or lower per box, it is more efficient to equip the +3 CE rather than the +100% one.

In terms of AP efficiency, it is better for players to farm the 5AP quest with +3 CEs equipped and only farm the 40AP one if you have a stable strategy of defeating the boss with no problem and has more than two +100% CEs equipped.

Event free quest drop rates

5AP (Novice):

1~2 normal per box, 1~2 special per box

10AP (Intermediate):

1~3 normal per box, 2 special per box

20AP (Advanced):

2~5 normal per box, 3 special per box

30AP (Expert):

3~8 normal per box, 4 special per box

40AP (Goddess):

25~30 normal per round

Farming Chart (Free Quest)

Dumpling Gathering

AP: 5
Event Item Drop:
Moon Dumpling Special Dumpling Dumpling Moonlight Fest
Item Drop:
Gem of Saber Seed of Yggdrasil
AP: 10
Event Item Drop:
Moon Dumpling Special Dumpling Dumpling Moonlight Fest
Item Drop:
Dragon Fang Gem of Archer
Archer Saber Rider Assassin
AP: 20
Event Item Drop:
Moon Dumpling Special Dumpling Dumpling Moonlight Fest
Item Drop:
Ghost Lantern Gem of Assassin Magic Gem of Assassin Secret Gem of Assassin
Assassin Rider
AP: 30
Event Item Drop:
Moon Dumpling Special Dumpling Dumpling Moonlight Fest
Item Drop:
Heart of the Foreign God Secret Gem of Caster
Caster Berserker Saber
AP: 40
Event Item Drop:
Moon Dumpling Special Dumpling Dumpling Moonlight Fest
Item Drop:
Void's Dust Archer Piece Archer Monument Caster Piece Caster Monument Assassin Piece Assassin Monument
Archer Caster Assassin


Which Rewards should I get?

The very first item that you should get from the event shop is the 5* CE, Moonlight Festival. This CE increases your Moon Dumpling drops by 3 and since you only need 500 Moon Dumpling to purchase the first one, it should be your first priority as the increase in dumpling drops will stack up pretty quickly throughout your farming for more dumplings.

After that, the next item that we should get are the monuments. Due to the current daily quests system in the earlier version, it is very difficult to farm for the monuments that you want for your servants as the boss appearing at the last stage would always be random. Therefore, for those who are frustrated with the monuments farming, this is the best time to get them.

As there aren’t many other items that you can get from the event shop, consider buying all the Fou cards to boost your favourite servants as the only way to obtain them right now is by exchanging them with mana prisms. On the other hand, the cost for the second and third copy of the event CE is a huge jump from the first one, costing 2000 and 5000 dangos respectively. Considering that the CE is not really that useful in terms of increasing star generation compared to the other upcoming CEs such as Piece of Year 2030, it is not worth the effort to Limit Break it as you still have to get another two copies by getting them directly from farming instead of buying from the event shop.

Therefore, the minimum amount of dumplings that you should farm are:

Moonlight Festival x1 = 500
Archer Monument x20 = 800
Caster Monument x20 = 800
Assassin Monument x20 = 800
Fou ATK card x10 = 1000
Fou HP card x10 = 1000

Total = 4900 Moon Dumplings

Additional Notes (For Rerun)

By the time the Rerun comes, the Daily Quest system has been modified to make it easier to farm certain Monuments. Therefore, you can lower the priority of the Monuments for dumpling exchange and can focus more on the Fou cards after you get the first Moonlight Festival CE. However, that doesn't mean that you should ignore the Monuments altogether since it still provides an easy way to get these items.

Event Quests Rewards

Story Quests

Quests /
How to unlock
Fiest Reward
EP 0: Moonlight Hunter
Mooncell Automaton
EP 1: Antoinette and Company
Unlocks with 10 Special Dumplings
Summon Ticket
EP 2: Coastline Battle
Unlocks with 40 Special Dumplings
Summon Ticket
EP 3: Ruined Castle's Moon
Unlocks with 100 Special Dumplings
Summon Ticket
EP 4: Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?
Unlocks with 200 Special Dumplings
Summon Ticket

Dumpling Gathering (Free Quests)

Quests [AP] /
How to unlock
First RewardNotable Drops
Novice [5]
Unlock by completing EP0
Gem of Archer
Seed of Yggdrasil
Intermediate [10]
Unlock by completing EP1
Magic Gem of Archer
Dragon Fang
Advanced [20]
Unlock by completing EP2
Secret Gem of Archer
Ghost Lantern
Expert [30]
Unlock by completing EP3
Heart of the Foreign God
Heart of the Foreign God
Goddess [40]
Unlock by completing EP4
Crystallized Lore
Archer Monument
Caster Monument
Assassin Monument

Event Shop

Moonlight FestMoonlight Fest1500
Moonlight FestMoonlight Fest12,000
Moonlight FestMoonlight Fest15,000
Monuments & PiecesStockDumplings
Archer MonumentArcher Monument2040
Rider MonumentRider Monument2040
Assassin MonumentAssassin Monument2040
Archer PieceArcher Piece2020
Rider PieceRider Piece2020
Assassin PieceAssassin Piece2020
Star Fou ( ALL HP Up card)10100
Sun Fou (ALL AKT Up card)10100
Fire of Wisdom (ALL EXP card)3010
Blaze of Wisdom (All EXP card)2020
100,000 QP-50
Moon DumplingSpecial Dumpling x2

Event Limited Reward

[★5] Moonlight Festival

5★ / Cost 12
Min HP: 375 ATK: 250
Max HP: 1500 ATK: 1000
Increase your C. Star Rate by 15%
Increase your Critical Strength by 15%
Incrase your C. Star Rate by 20%
Incrase your Critical Strength by 20%
[During the Moon Goddes event]
Incrase Dumplings Drop by 3

Pickup Summon

Pickup Servants

Event Limited Craft Essences

New Craft Essence

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Useful tip, you also get the bonus when you select a support char with CE that gives moon dumplings.
Thanks for the guide. Now I have a clearing understanding on what should I do when the event starts ^^
Jeanne d'arc
Nice guide! Useful for 1st timer like me.

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