Moon Goddess' Bath

FGO Moon Goddess' Bath, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
[US] Fate Grand Order
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update 20/08/2017

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Bathing Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess' Bath is only available in Moon Goddess Event Pickup Summon.


Not a very useful CE outside of using it during the Moon Goddess event to increase the dango drops.




Bathing Moon Goddess

NormalRestore your HP by 500 per turn
Max LimitRestore your HP by 750 per turn

Event limited effect

This Craft Essence also has an additional effect below during "Does Moon Goddes Dream of Dumplings" event.

NormalIncrease Dumpling drop amount by 100%
Max LimitIncrease Dumpling drop amount by 120%

How to use

This CE provides HP recovery of 500 (750 whe max Limit Break) every turn, which when equipped to a low level servant it’s almost recovering about 10% of their max HP every turn. Furthermore, as the stats from the CE itself gives another additional 2k HP, it helps to improve the survivability of the servant equipped with this CE. However, as the main usage of this CE is to increase the drop rates of the dangos during the Moon Goddess event, its usefulness outside the event falls off drastically as there are other 5* CEs that are much better than this to be choose from.

Suggested Servants

This CE is useful for tank or support servants as the HP recovery helps them to survive long battles and won’t hinder their damage output as their main purpose is to provide utility to the party.

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