Moony Jewel

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Moony Jewel

Moony Jewel is only available in Moon Goddess Event Pickup Summons.

Rating2.0 / 10

A very situational CE which is probably not going to be used at all besides for the increase in dango drops effect.




Moony Jewel

NormalIncrease Charm Resist by 80%
Max LimitIncrease Charm Resist by 100%

Event-limited effect

This Craft Essence also has an additional effect below during "Does Moon Goddes Dream of Dumplings" event.

NormalIncrease Dumpling drop amount by 2
Max LimitIncrease Dumpling drop amount by 3

How to use

Moony Jewel is a CE with an unique effect that increases the servant’s resistance to charm by 80% or up to 100% when max Limit Break. This is a practically useful CE when facing against enemies that have charm skill such as Stheno and Euryale. However, outside of that, this CE has zero use at all except using it to farm for more dangos.

Suggested Servants

As usually only female servants have the ability to charm the opposite gender, therefore this CE is suitable to be equipped by male servants. Besides that, as the CE also provides HP stats, it is recommended to use it on Berserkers to help increase their survivability.

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