Mooncell Automaton

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Mooncell Automaton

Mooncell Automation is a reward for completing the first quest of Moon Goddess event. It is also available in Moon Goddess Event Pickup Summons and added to Story Summons after the Limite Time Summon's period ends.


Compared to the other 5★ and 4★ event exclusive CE, Mooncell Automaton is actually much useful despite being a mere 3★ due to its flexibility and usefulness in every battle.




Mooncell Automaton

NormalIncrease your Arts, Quick, and Buster Card effectiveness by 3%
Max LimitIncrease your Arts, Quick, and Buster Card effectiveness by 5%

Event-limited effect

This Craft Essence also has an additional effect below during "Does Moon Goddes Dream of Dumplings" event.

NormalIncrease Dumpling drop amount by 1
Max LimitIncrease Dumpling drop amount by 2

How to use

An increase in the performance of all three types of command cards is quite an useful CE to have considering that you can easily Limit Break it to the max level as being a 3* CE makes it easier to be obtained from gacha. Besides that, it is also very versatile and can be used within almost every party due to its low cost and the ability to enhance every command cards performance to increase damage, star generation and NP gain.

Suggested Servants

As the performance of all the command cards would receive a buff by equipping this CE, it can be used on those servants that have a more balanced command card deck that only has a maximum of two copies per command card.

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