Kitchen ☆ Patissiere

FGO Kitchen ☆ Patissiere, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
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update 10/07/2017

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Kitchen ☆ Patissiere




Kitchen ☆ Patissiere

NormalIncrease Critical Star Drop Rate by 15%
Increase NP Gain by 15%
Max LimitIncrease Critical Star Drop Rate by 20%
Increase NP Gain by 20%

How to use


Outside of the Valentine Event, this CE is beneficial for Quick/Arts-based Servants since it generates Critical Star in addition of boosting NP generation. A decent package for Servants with multi-hit animations that generates Critical Star better, and doesn't require highly damaging Noble Phantasm.

This CE gives the best values for both NP generation and Critical Generation, but future CEs will add other utilities to make up for it. (example: Moonlit Four)

Best Servants

This CE works well with Servants that are not strictly having damage dealing NP, but also able to generate critical hits really well with it. Jack the Ripper is an example of someone who benefits this card well. Support-based Servants that contained several hits within their animations like Tamamo no Mae will also like this. Even those with low hit counts can also make use of this. It's an overall useful CE for almost everyone, and can also cover up a Servant's lack of NP gain or Critical Star gain.

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