Divine Banquet

FGO Divine Banquet, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
[US] Fate Grand Order
How to unlock/max Irisviel
update 18/07/2017

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Divine Banquet

Suitable CE choice if you wish to increase the NP acquisition rate solely without any other effects.




Divine Banquet

NormalIncrease NP Gain by 25%
Max LimitIncrease NP Gain by 30%

How to use

This CE increases your NP gain when attacking by 25%, which is slightly better choice if you want to increase your NP building rate only without trying to boost your damage with Arts cards performance increase CE. However, it does have its disadvantage of not being able to provide any additional effects which a CE that increases Arts card effectiveness could provide, besides being somewhat unreliable when used by servants that do not have much offensive power.

Recommended Servants

Servants that are suitable to equip this CE are mainly those supporting servants that wish to accelerate their NP rotation after use.

Other Craft Essences

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Max Bond CE


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Idon't have much problem regarding her np gain, with her triple arts deck, she'll be ab...
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