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update 31/08/2017

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  • 18 Saint Quartz, 4 Summon Tickets, and 3 Golden Fruits will be given to all players when the Fate GO facebook page hits 10,000 likes.
  • 10 Mana Prisms will be given to players daily for a limited time, when the Fate GO facebook page hits 2,000 shares

Half AP cost Campaign

  • "Enter the Treasure Vault" AP Cost ½ Period: 2017-08-31 7:00 - 09-07 3:59 UTC
  • "Duel with the Three Knights" "Duel with the Four Cavalries" and "Monster Hunting" AP Cost ½ Period: 2017-09-07 7:00 - 09-14 3:59 UTC

Pickup Summon

Pickup Summon (Aug 31 - Sep 7)

PeriodAug 31 - Sep 14


  • Sakata Kintoki is featured everyday during the campaign period.
  • Different 5★ servants are featured each day as the additional pickup servant.
  • UTC timezone.

Pickup Servants

Aug 31 7:00 - Sep 14 3:59
Sakata KintokiAltria Pendragon (Alter)Saint Martha
Robin HoodBoudica-
Sep 2
(0:00 - 23:59)
Sep 3Sep 4
Arturia PendragonAlteraJeanne d’Arc
Sep 5Sep 6Sep 8
Vlad IIIZhuge LiangArturia Pendragon
Sep 9Sep 10Sep 11
AlteraJeanne d’ArcVlad III
Sep 12--
Zhuge Liang--

New Craft Essences


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Nice Strategies and tips, If i had a healer on my team, i would placed black grail on her to deal...
Great article!! although this isn't a very comprehensive guide, I feel this is great for peo...
he is extremely versatile, fits into many teams, plus he is easily obtainable for most. seeing hi...
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