FGO 1 Million Download Campaign

[US] Fate Grand Order
How to unlock/max Irisviel
update 31/08/2017

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  • 18 Saint Quartz, 4 Summon Tickets, and 3 Golden Fruits will be given to all players when the Fate GO facebook page hits 10,000 likes.
  • 10 Mana Prisms will be given to players daily for a limited time, when the Fate GO facebook page hits 2,000 shares

Half AP cost Campaign

  • "Enter the Treasure Vault" AP Cost ½ Period: 2017-08-31 7:00 - 09-07 3:59 UTC
  • "Duel with the Three Knights" "Duel with the Four Cavalries" and "Monster Hunting" AP Cost ½ Period: 2017-09-07 7:00 - 09-14 3:59 UTC

Pickup Summon

Pickup Summon (Aug 31 - Sep 7)

PeriodAug 31 - Sep 14


  • Sakata Kintoki is featured everyday during the campaign period.
  • Different 5★ servants are featured each day as the additional pickup servant.
  • UTC timezone.

Pickup Servants

Aug 31 7:00 - Sep 14 3:59
Sakata KintokiAltria Pendragon (Alter)Saint Martha
Robin HoodBoudica-
Sep 2
(0:00 - 23:59)
Sep 3Sep 4
Arturia PendragonAlteraJeanne d’Arc
Sep 5Sep 6Sep 8
Vlad IIIZhuge LiangArturia Pendragon
Sep 9Sep 10Sep 11
AlteraJeanne d’ArcVlad III
Sep 12--
Zhuge Liang--

New Craft Essences


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Yes, alterego don't Deal extra damage against rules but kiara is an exception because of her...
"NP DAMAGE UP Bringing Tristan’s NP damage up, this type of CE is best used when Tris...
So are we gonna ever See Achilles and Okita Alter anytime soon in the list?
Presence Concealment C+ not A+
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