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update 12/03/2018

The second arc of Fate/Grand Order, subtitled 'Cosmos in the Lostbelt', is incoming! After the battle within Salomon Temple, Chaldea faces another crisis where the Mages Association attempted to dismantle and restructure it, with the Rayshift technology disabled. However, an enemy strikes from within, aiming to revert humanity back to the Age of Gods.

This arc will officially begin on Summer 2018, but a Prologue (which consist of mostly dialogues and battles using just Mashu Kyrielight and Leonardo Da Vinci which are moderately easy) are available.

RequirementClear Salomon
RewardSaint Quartzx4

Confirmed New Servant

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova

Known Information

  • Has appeared in the prologue
  • Class is Caster
  • Is a 5-Star Servant
  • Has control over ice.
  • As her name implies, she is the focus of the first Lostbelt
  • Check her page here.

Announced New Servants

In conjunction with the runtime of the anime Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, each week, two Servants that will be featured in this arc will be shown.



Known Information

  • Class: Saber
  • Voiced by Mori Nanako, giving this character an androgynous voice.
  • Utilizes twin swords similar to EMIYA


  • Appears to be Chinese
  • Mask will play a part in identity reveal.


Known Information


  • He might look like using a spear, but it could be a fishing rod


Known Information

  • Class: Lancer
  • Voiced by Mikako Komatsu
  • Appears in the Anastasia Lostbelt
  • Her identity is Caenis (or Caeneus, a woman turned man after a forced intercourse with Sea God Poseidon)

Alter Ego

Known Information

  • Class: Alter Ego
  • Previously seen in Epic of Remnant Shimousa Chapter as Caster Limbo.
  • His identity is Ashiya Douman.
  • Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa


Known Information


  • He's using some sort of artillery for his ranged attack, so he could be a figure from the Industrial era.


Known Information


  • Looks very similar to Scathach, but it's not confirmed if it's just her Caster variant (she has knowledge on magic, is known as 'The Witch of Dun Scaith'). It's also possible that it's Scathach's daughter (Uathach) or sister (Aife).


Known Information


  • With her voice actress and her tail, it's most likely that she's one of the Tamamo Nine
  • May also be the real identity of Koyanskaya due to her glasses.


Known Information


  • It's possible that he is an alternate version of Arjuna, based on his voice, Indian design and the artist (pako)


Part of the promotional poster involve Altria Pendragon with the sheath of her sword, Avalon. The Avalon has not been featured in Fate/Grand Order in any form. This may imply that she will get a Strengthening that will let her obtain Avalon.


Lostbelt is the equivalent of Singularities in this arc. There are seven confirmed Lostbelts.

Lostbelt No. 1


TitlePermafrost Empire: Anastasia: The Grand Duchess of a Beast Nation
Release DateApril 4th 2018

Known Information

  • Anastasia's Master is named Kadoc Zemlupus
  • Miyamoto Musashi may feature in the Lostbelt
  • Marks the debut of Atalante in her Beast/Berserk form as well as Avicebron (Caster of Black) from Fate/Apocrypha
  • There is an unknown identity servant with black body and red blood sharp scarf/garment.
  • Kirei Kotomine will feature in this Lostbelt, and much like the deal with Ishtar, Ereshkigal and Parvati, he might have turned into a demi-Servant. Speculated to be either Rasputin or Ivan the Terrible.

Lostbelt No. 2

Title???? of the Unfading Flame
Timeline/SubtitleBC 1000 Eternal Flame Century Gotterdammerung

Lostbelt No. 3

TitleCrimson Beauty Under the Moon
Timeline/SubtitleBC 0210 Land of Unified Knowledge ????

Lostbelt No. 4

TitleThe Black Final God
Timeline/Subtitle?? 11900 Genesis Destruction Cycle

Lostbelt No. 5

TitleThe Day God is Shot Down
Timeline/SubtitleBC 12000 Interstellar City Mountains ????


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