Mata Hari's Tavern

FGO Mata Hari's Tavern, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
[US] Fate Grand Order
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update 10/07/2017

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Mata Hari's Tavern

Although this is a 3★ CE, don't dismiss it so quickly. Although the stats increase and the buffs it offers can easily destroyed by a 4★ Craft Essence, you cannot deny the versatility in buffs it offers as every servant can benefit from a buff in deck performance.




Mata Hari's Tavern

NormalIncrease Quick/Arts/Buster Card effectiveness by 2% & Increase Critical Strength by 5%
Max LimitIncrease Quick/Arts/Buster Card effectiveness by 3% & Critical Strength by 10%

Event limited effect

For the duration of "Halloween 2016 event or Rerun (2017" event, this craft essence gains additional effects. Check the event page for it.

How to use


Not every player has played long and/or hard enough to have enough space in their party to be able to equip 4★ and/or 5★ Craft essences of every one of their servants in the party. Therefore, when you are low on space and don’t know what else to put in your team, this is where this CE shines.

Best Servants

Basically every servant can benefit from this Craft essence but i would recommend servants that can use the critical damage buff so that they can get the most out of this 3★ Craft essence.

Other Craft Essences

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Obrigada, está muito informativo e bem escrito
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