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Code Cast

Rating: 6.0 / 10
The effects of this CE is great when you consider that it grants the servant a flat attack and defense buff, plus the attack buff is great when you consider that an active skill “ Dreamlike Charisma” only offers 20%. Unfortunately, the effects only last for 3 turns once the servant enter the field.




Code Cast

NormalIncrease your ATK by 25% (3 turns) & DEF by 25% (3 turns)
Max LimitIncrease your ATK by 30% (3 turns) & DEF by 30% (3 turns)

How to use


Since the effects only start the 3 turn countdown once the servant is on the field, we can equipped this on the servants that are not in the starting line up to help. If you do intend on using this CE on a starting servant then a servant of the Berserker class is strongly recommended as not only can they dish out more damage but also tank more hits allowing them to survive better.

Best Servants

As mentioned before, Servants of the Berserker class are great when using this CE in the starting line up. However this is also great for those servants not starting as well.

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