Verdant Sound of Destruction

FGO Verdant Sound of Destruction, Craft Essence, Rating, Best Servants to Equip, How to use, and Tips.
[US] Fate Grand Order
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update 18/07/2017

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Verdant Sound of Destruction

Highly benefits servants that have three Buster cards along with a Buster type NP as the damage from normal combat and NP can both be increased.




Verdant Sound of Destruction

NormalIncrease Buster Card effectiveness by 15%
Max LimitIncrease Buster Card effectiveness by 20%

How to use

The main usage of this CE is the same as Limited/Zero Over, albeit lose out slightly in the % increase of Buster cards effectiveness due to it being only a 4★ CE. Nonetheless, it is still a good CE to have especially if you have servants that focus on Buster cards as their main damage output.

Suggested Servants

This CE is suitable to be used by servants with three Buster cards which are usually a common trait among Berserker class. The Buster cards have the highest offensive power among all the command cards with a low rate of critical stars generation and both of them would be enhanced using this CE but we mainly focusing more on the increase in damage.

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In Lost ark part 2 #3 it says the terror ghost is lvl 55 when it is 35 in game
It's because the jp sv have merlin- one of the best support servants in the game.
Mistake: Tamamo Cat is categorised as a 5 star
Wait, so where's Chiron and Sieg? Are they not updated in the JP list yet?
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